How can I listen to the KNBR Giants game?

How can I listen to the KNBR Giants game?

“Now every Giants game broadcast over the air on KNBR 680, will also be heard online at, or the KNBR channel on TuneIn’s mobile app.”

How can I listen to the Giants game on the radio?


  1. Station Dial City.
  2. KEKA 101.5 FM Eureka, CA.
  3. KFIG/KFPT 940 AM /790 AM Fresno, CA.
  4. KHKA 1500 AM Honolulu, HI.
  5. KKJL 1400 AM/106.5 FM San Luis Obispo, CA.
  6. KKXS 96.1 FM Redding, CA.
  7. KNBR (English flagship) 104.5 FM/680 AM San Francisco, CA.
  8. KPUA 670 AM Hilo, HI.

What channel is KNBR on?

680 AM
KNBR (680 AM) is a San Francisco, California radio station, broadcasting on a clear channel from transmitting facilities in Redwood City, California….KNBR (AM)

City San Francisco, California
Broadcast area San Francisco Bay Area
Frequency 680 kHz
Branding KNBR 680 and 104.5

How can I play KNBR on my computer? offers KNBR 680 across the globe for free. To start listening to KNBR 680 live, click the play button below to listen to KNBR 680 news, in-depth analysis of the sports world, and much more.

What radio station broadcasts NY Giants games?


  • Sirius Radio (Channel 227 – Giants)
  • Sirius Radio (Channel 380 – Cowboys)
  • SiriusXM Internet (Channel 808 – Cowboys)
  • SiriusXM Internet (Channel 823 – Giants)
  • New York (WFAN 660 AM)
  • New York (WFAN 101.9 FM)
  • Albany, NY (WPYX 106.5 FM)
  • Hartford, CT (WPOP 1410 AM)

What radio channel is ESPN?


Market Branding
Los Angeles, California ESPN LA 710
Sacramento, California ESPN 1320 AM
San Francisco, California KNBR 680 AM & 104.5 FM
San Luis Obispo, California ESPN Radio 1280

What channel on Sirius Radio is the Giants game?

ch. 211
New York Giants – Sirius ch. 211, XM ch. 229, and on the SXM App. (Games are also available on the SiriusXM app and at home on connected devices and speakers for authenticated subscribers with the SiriusXM All Access package.

Where can I listen to the SF Giants game online for free?

San Francisco Giants

  • ESPN Los Angeles.
  • KNBR 680.
  • AM830 KLAA.
  • Sports 1140 KHTK.
  • KNBR 1050.

Does iPhone have radio FM?

Unlike some Android phones, the iPhone does not have any sort of AM or FM tuner built in, which means that you can’t use your iPhone to dial into any local radio stations. Here are a few of the best options to listen to radio on your iPhone.

Can I listen to KNBR on my phone?

Now it’s even easier to listen to KNBR! In addition to tuning in to 680 on the AM radio dial, you can now find us on 104.5 FM as well! For those of you that want to listen online, KNBR can be streamed through your computer, smartphone (via our own KNBR app) or smart device including Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home.

What channel is the San Francisco Giants game on?

KBNR 680 – KNBR and KNBR 1050 – KTCT are the broadcast homes for the San Francisco Giants baseball team, San Francisco 49ers football team, Golden State Warriors basketball team, Stanford University Football and Basketball, San Jose Sabercats arena football team and the San Francisco Bulls Hockey team.

What are the best sports podcasts on KNBR?

Tolbert, Krueger And Brooks Mark Willard The Leadoff Spot with Adam Copeland KNBR Tonight Talkin Baseball with Marty Lurie Hooked on Golf Extra Innings with Bill Laskey Protect Your Assets with David Hollander 1050 KNBR 1050 Shows Stanford Football Golic and Wingo Podcasts All KNBR Podcasts Murph & Mac Papa & Lund

Is there a custom code to display on KNBR?

KNBR 104.5 FM / 680 AM There is no custom code to display. Listen Live Now: 104.5 FM / 680 AMKNBR 1050 Search KNBR 11:59 p.m. – 5:00 a.m. 104.5 FM/680 AM Murph & Mac Greg Papa and John Lund Tolbert, Krueger And Brooks Mark Willard

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