How can we promote fall prevention?

How can we promote fall prevention?


  1. Make an appointment with your doctor. Begin your fall-prevention plan by making an appointment with your doctor.
  2. Keep moving. Physical activity can go a long way toward fall prevention.
  3. Wear sensible shoes.
  4. Remove home hazards.
  5. Light up your living space.
  6. Use assistive devices.

What are 4 ways to prevent falls?

Take the Right Steps to Prevent Falls

  • Stay physically active.
  • Have your eyes and hearing tested.
  • Find out about the side effects of any medicine you take.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Limit the amount of alcohol you drink.
  • Stand up slowly.
  • Use an assistive device if you need help feeling steady when you walk.

What is the goal of fall prevention?

The overarching goal of a fall prevention program is to build feelings of security, safety, and confidence in the knowledge of one’s own physical abilities and limitations. When older adults feel knowledgeable and in control, they are more likely to participate in fall prevention exercises.

What is fall prevention plan?

A fall protection plan is a site specific plan that provides a systematic approach towards eliminating or reducing the risk of falling from height by ensuring that all reasonable fall protection measures and methods are being taken prior to the commencement of the work.

How can we prevent future fall?

9 Ways to Prevent Falling at Home

  1. Clean up clutter. The easiest method for preventing falls is to keep your home neat and tidy.
  2. Repair or remove tripping hazards.
  3. Install grab bars and handrails.
  4. Avoid wearing loose clothing.
  5. Light it right.
  6. Wear shoes.
  7. Make it nonslip.
  8. Live on one level.

How can we improve Falls?

The ability to see in low light decreases with age. Adding brighter light bulbs or more lights to the home can reduce fall risk. Stairs. Stairs should be used as long as it remains safe to do so.

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