How did Jack Taylor scores 138 points?

How did Jack Taylor scores 138 points?

He scored 138 points, which set the NCAA record for most points by an individual player in a game. Taylor shot 52-of-108 from the field during the game, 27-of-71 from 3-point range, and 7-of-10 from the free-throw line. His performance quickly reached national attention, and pretty soon, everyone knew about Taylor.

What happened to the kid who scored 138 points?

Jack Taylor (born October 12, 1990) is an American former college basketball player at Grinnell College. He holds the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) record for most points in a single game after scoring 138 in 2012. He transferred to Grinnell to play in their high-scoring system.

Who has scored 100 points in a college basketball game?

Frank Selvy
100 points in a game – Frank Selvy, Furman (1954) 1 pick in the 1954 NBA Draft. It is worth noting Alliant International’s Kevin Bradshaw holds the record for points scored against a DI opponent with 72 against Loyola Marymount.

Who scored the most points in a college basketball game?

No matter what classification the opponent is, Frank Selvy of Furman scored 100 points against Newberry College on February 13, 1954, which is the highest score ever recorded in NCAA Division I basketball history.

What NBA player scored the most points in a game?

Wilt Chamberlain

Rank Points Player
1 100 Wilt Chamberlain*
2 81 Kobe Bryant*
3 78 Wilt Chamberlain*

What is the highest scoring college game?

The most points scored by a single team, and the most lopsided final score in college football history, occurred on October 7, 1916 when Georgia Tech beat Cumberland 222–0.

What is the most points scored in a college football game by one team?

Did Lisa Leslie score 101 points?

In a game against South Torrance High, Leslie scored 49 points in the first quarter and 52 in the second, totaling 101 points in 16 minutes. Torrance scored 23 points and forfeited the game at halftime.

What is the lowest scoring college basketball game ever?

Loras scored a total of 16 points, a tournament low as well, Central Missouri State won the game with a total score of 20. The total combined score of the game was 36, resulting in the all-time lowest scoring game in tournament history.

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