How did snake survive the tanker?

How did snake survive the tanker?

The tanker’s sinking resulted in the deaths of more than half of the soldiers on board, as well as the apparent death of Solid Snake (in actuality, Snake had survived, having faked his death by leaving behind the corpse of Liquid Snake as a decoy).

How do I get to struts deep sea dock?

If you’ve forgotten how to get there, run back to STRUT A, PUMP ROOM and go up the stairs onto STRUT A, ROOF. Get on the elevator and you will be taken down to STRUT A, DEEP SEA DOCK.

How do I get to strut F in mgs2?

Strut F Warehouse Right after the doorway will be a level 3 door that you can enter. The hall then turns to the left and there is usually a guard patrolling there. Wait until he turns his back, and then run across to unmarked door at the end of the hall.

Where is the USP in mgs2 tanker?

It can be found on the tower that you can access just after the boss fight with Olga (go round the front out doors and there will be a ladder to your left), this is where the thermal goggles were on the first play through, if you found them.

What is the tanker in mgs2?

The USS Discovery, in 2007. The USS Discovery KSNM-3* was a dummy oil tanker used to secretly transport the first Metal Gear RAY prototype for offshore testing.

How big is the Big Shell?


Centerline Length 22′ – 24′
Beam 102″
Bottom Width 78”
Side Height 21”
Dry Weight 2,300 – 2,500 pounds

Where is the Raiden M9?

You can find the M9 on the Big Shell on 3 different locations. On Very Easy you can find it in the Deep Sea Dock of Strut A already, on Easy you can find it on the roof of Strut A, while when playing on Normal to Extreme it is a bit off the way in Strut F Warehouse (upper level, southeast).

How do you beat Olga in mgs2?

The best way to do this is to jump from one position to the other, as Olga won’t hit you with her pistol shots that way, and even better, she might not even see where you went and you have a short advantage and can score a placed headshot. And watch out for those handgrenades.

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