How did the boy with the mulberry birthmark die?

How did the boy with the mulberry birthmark die?

His birthmark is on his face and said to be “mulberry-coloured”. He is the first boy to die, as he is killed in a fire. However at the end of the novel, Ralph fails to acknowledge him as one of the deceased people, bringing added significance that he is not considered important.

How does Simon feel about the beast?

To the dismay of Ralph and Piggy, Simon admits in Chapter 5 that he does believe in the beast, but suggests that the beast is actually the inherent evil inside each one of them. Simon senses early on that the boys will fall into violent savagery and become their own worst enemies.

Who actually pushes the rock that kills Piggy?


Does Jack want to kill the beast?

As one of the most savage boys on the island, Jack views hunting and killing the beastie as an admirable challenge that he is willing to accept. Jack has just discovered “the hunt” and is about obsessed with it. So if there is a beast (which he doesn’t really believe at this time), he will hunt it.

What does Jack stealing Piggy’s glasses symbolize?

Piggy is now half-blind, a foreshadowing of later events in the book when Jack’s tribe steal the spectacles, leaving Piggy completely blind and vulnerable. The glasses are also symbolic of Piggy’s character; his rational thinking and ability to see a solution to the boys’ predicament.

What does Jack say about the beast in chapter 5?

In chapter 5 of Lord of the Flies how and why does Jack keep the fear of the beast in the boys? Jack tries to keep the fear of the beast in the boys to become more powerful. However, he tells them that there is no beast on the island; neither animals, nor anything else, only pigs.

Who dies in Lord of the Flies?

In Lord of the Flies by William Golding, Piggy dies after he asks whether it is better to have rules or hunt and kill. After asking this question, Roger rolls a boulder onto him. Simon dies after his conversation with the Lord of the Flies, when he finds out the beast is inside all the boys.

What is Simon trying to say when he asks what’s the dirtiest thing there is?

Then, seeking to explain, Simon asks the boys, “What’s the dirtiest thing there is?” Jack shouts out a vulgar word, probably a word for excrement. This causes the boys to laugh and scream with delight, and Simon’s message is lost.

What picture does Simon see when he thinks of the beast?

a human at once heroic and sick

What does Jack do for the beast in chapter 8?

Jack seizes the conch shell and blows into it clumsily, calling for an assembly. Jack tells the others that there is definitely a beast on the mountain and goes on to claim that Ralph is a coward who should be removed from his leadership role. The other boys, however, refuse to vote Ralph out of power.

How does Jack react to the beast in Chapter 6?

Jack reveals that he is excited for the opportunity to hunt the beast and criticizes Ralph for being afraid. Jack immediately directs his hunters to grab their spears and prepare to head out on the expedition.

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