How did Ultima die?

How did Ultima die?

As Antonio makes his way from his uncles’ fields to his grandfather’s house one day toward the end of the summer, a murderous Tenorio chases after him. Antonio escapes, but Tenorio shoots Ultima’s owl. When the owl dies, Ultima is doomed to die as well because the owl is her spiritual familiar, or guardian.

Why does Tony decide to give Narciso confession?

2. Why does Tony decide to give Narciso confession? Narciso decides to warn Ultima about Tenorio on his own and setts off for the Marez house unaware that Antonio is following him. While on his way to the Marez house Narciso is attacked by Tenorio and is shot.

Why does Ultima come to live with the Marez family?

Why does Ultima live with the Márez family? She comes to help María, who is no longer able to care for the family. Her house in Las Pasturas burned down and she doesn’t have anywhere to live. She is Antonio’s godmother, and wants to make sure he is taken care of.

Why is Tony being blasphemous?

When Florence speaks to Tony about that he doesn’t believe in God and that God sinned against hij, taking each member of his family away from him. Tony then commits blasphemy speaking about how the world would be different if the Golden Carp and the Virgin Mary ruled instead.

Why does Ultima give Tony her scapular?

She gives Antonio her scapular necklace with protective herbs in it to keep him safe. The dolls are a reminder of Ultima’s dangerous and sometimes frightening powers, though a moment later she gives up something of herself to protect Antonio.

Why does the family stop at the grandfather’s house first?

Antonio’s grandfather’s house is the largest in the village. They stop at his house first although they will later go to stay with Juan because it is his turn to have María’s family visit his. In the house, they see their grandfather, Prudencio, and Antonio recognizes the dignity and wisdom of his age.

Where does Ultima want to be buried when she finally dies?

By Rudolfo Anaya In burying the owl, Antonio suggests that “Ultima was really buried here.” This demonstrates another strong acceptance on Antonio’s part. He believes in the connection between Ultima and the owl, and he’s fulfilled Ultima’s dying wish to bury the owl under the juniper tree.

Why is Ultima called Grande?

Why does the Marez family refer to Ultima as La Grande? It is a nickname. La Grande refers to the part of the country which Ultima was born. La Grande is a term of endearment.

What was Antonio’s first dream?

Antonio is happy that his parents have decided to take Ultima into their home and to provide for her. As he drifts off into sleep, he has a dream in which he floats over the hills of the llano to the village of Las Pasturas and toward the window of a lighted hut.

Why do the townspeople not turn against Tenorio?

The townspeople don’t turn against Tenorio although he is evil because they are well aware of what he’s capable of.

How does Tony’s father feel about the family moving to Guadalupe?

How does Tony’s father feel about the family moving to Guadalupe? Tony’s father felt that he lost his freedom. His esteem got lowered, and his pride was hurt given that he had been a Vaquero all his life and by moving he had to give all his herd and his horses. Italso caused him to become a lonely person.

Why does Tony’s mother make the family bow their heads when passing Rosie’s house?

María makes her children bow their heads as they pass, and Antonio realizes that Rosie is evil, but evil in a different way from a witch.

What did the Márez family always do after supper?

What did the Márez family always do after supper? She described the Luna family blood as quiet like the moon, because only a quiet man can learn the secrets of the Earth for planting. She described the Márez family blood as wild like the ocean were they get their name, and the space of the llano that’s is their home.

What advice does Ultima give Tony at the end?

When Antonio awakes, Ultima suggests that he go to his uncles in El Puerto. Antonio has seen too much death. His uncles can teach him about growing life. Before he leaves, Ultima advises him to be ready to make life’s changes part of his strength.

What is the major source of conflict for Antonio’s mother and father?

Antonio’s mother, a devoutly Catholic woman, is determined to make Antonio into a priest and is set in conflict with Antonio’s father, who worships the earth and the sky as a true vaquero. The character of Florence is also extremely significant in emphasizing this conflict between religion and paganism.

Why does Maria want Antonio to be a priest?

María, the devoutly Catholic daughter of a farmer, wants Antonio to follow her Luna family tradition by becoming a priest. Gabriel is the son of vaqueros, or cowboys, and he prefers that Antonio follow the Márez tradition of restless wandering across the llano, or plains.

Why is the Virgin in mourning for the fourth son?

His dream-death presents la Virgen in mourning over him, implying that she is requesting God to show mercy and forgive Antonio for his sins.

What do Tony and Ultima find around the house?

He vows to avenge his daughters, and says he has discovered Ultima’s secret – the owl is Ultima’s spirit, so it is the owl he must kill. Antonio hears this and it suddenly makes sense. The owl is the spirit of the night, the llano, and the moon – it is Ultima’s soul.

How does Tony feel about having to choose his future?

Antonio feels confused about choosing his own future because he does not know if he will become his mother’s priest or his father’s son. Antonio was afraid at the end of this chapter because, he saw the Virgin in a black gown after hermother, asked the Virgin to help her fourth sons return from war safely.

Why does Ultima give Tony her scapular Why does she tell him not to tell others?

Why does she tell him not to tell others? She gives the scapular to him for completing his first communion, but doesn’t want to seem like a witch. 5.

Why is the owl’s death important?

Its song symbolizes Ultima’s comforting presence in Antonio’s life and the protective power of her magic. At the end of the novel, Tenorio’s killing of the owl literally destroys Ultima’s life force and leads very quickly to her death.

What is Antonio’s father’s dream?

Antonio dreams of his three older brothers discussing their father’s dream to build a castle in the hills. When Antonio states that they must gather around their father, they reply that he is supposed to fulfill María’s dream and become a priest.

How does Tony feel about starting school?

how does antonio feel about starting school? he is nervous because he has never been, ultima won’t be there, his mom has set high expectations, and he knows no english. he was nervous and said that his mom told him to see her.

What does Antonio’s dad want for Antonio?

His father is a vaquero who wants Antonio to ride the llano and appreciate the open prairie; his mother is a daughter of farmers who wants Antonio to become a priest. Antonio is deeply troubled about his own uncertain destiny, but Ultima, a folk healer, guides him in his efforts to understand the world.

What does Antonio’s dream symbolize?

Dreams. This gradual transformation, traced in dreams, reflects Antonio’s growth from childhood to maturity. His dreams also offer him a rich and variable set of images and symbols with which to understand his own life.

What do Antonio’s dreams reveal about his personality his fears and his desires?

In this dream we see Antonio’s subconscious dealing with the conflict that began with his birth. Subsequent dreams reveal his fear for his brothers and for their physical safety as well as their spiritual safety.

Where does the curse come from Bless Me Ultima?

When Ultima mentions his name, Téllez remembers that he had had a confrontation with Tenorio a few weeks earlier and realizes that he and his daughters have been the source of the curse. That night, Antonio dreams of his three brothers wandering in a foreign city.

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