How do I change the size of a photo in Confluence?

How do I change the size of a photo in Confluence?

From the Media Library, select the image you would like to edit. From the Attachment Details page, choose the Edit Image button found below the image. In the Image Crop box on the right, input your chosen aspect ratio.

How do I add a thumbnail in Confluence?

When you upload files to Confluence, you can display them on the page as either a thumbnail or a link….Insert an image file from the web

  1. Choose Insert > Files, and choose Images from the web.
  2. Choose Preview to check that the URL and image are correct.
  3. Tap Insert.

How do I resize an image in Jira?

After image insertion you can resize image by dragging it’s corner in visual mode or by specifying exact width and height in text mode using syntax: ! projectavatar. png|height=250,width=250!

How do I display attachments in Confluence?

View all attached files in a space

  1. Use the Space Attachments macro to display the list of files on a page.
  2. Go to the space and choose Space tools > Content Tools from the bottom of the sidebar Then choose Attachments.

How do I make an image smaller in Confluence?

Once you drop an a new image into a page, you should be able to simple click and drag the side bar next to the image to scale the image as required. See additional conversation for details from the Confluence Product Management team.

Can I edit an image in Confluence?

Quickly edit and annotate images from directly within Atlassian’s Confluence. Simply click the “Sketch” button at the top of a page to edit any image you want. No downloading, no third party apps required, no siloes, no fuss.

How do I add an image to a Confluence template?

On Confluence Cloud, you can use the Excerpt and Excerpt Include macros to get around this.

  1. Make a separate page. On that page, add the image you want to put in the template.
  2. Place the image in an Excerpt macro.
  3. On your global template, use an “Excerpt Include” macro, then pull the page from step 1.

Where does Confluence store images?

By default Confluence stores attachments in the home directory (e.g. in a file system). If you have upgraded from an earlier Confluence version you may still be storing attachments in your database or WebDAV, and should consider migrating to a supported storage method.

How do I add a screenshot to a Jira comment?

Capture and attach screenshots

  1. Capture a screenshot using your system keyboard shortcut.
  2. Paste the image from your clipboard onto the issue using your system keyboard shortcut or right-click menu. The Attach screenshot dialog will display.
  3. Enter a unique filename for each file.
  4. Select Upload.

How do I add an image to a confluence template?

Where does confluence store images?

How do I change an image in Confluence?

Go to the space and choose Space tools > Configure sidebar from the bottom of the sidebar. Choose the edit icon next to the space name. Choose Upload an image. Select an image from your computer.

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