How do I dispose of old tyres for free in Australia?

How do I dispose of old tyres for free in Australia?

Go to and enter your postcode to check if they are available at your specified location. Their service hours are between 7:00am and 9:00pm AEDT. Alternatively, you may also call them on 1800-468-586 and request for a free onsite estimate.

What happens to old tyres in Australia?

Every year, Australians dispose of around 50 million tyres that have reached the end of their life. Of that number, only around 5% are recycled locally. The rest are either disposed of in landfills, kept in stockpiles, dumped illegally or exported.

How are tyres recycled in Australia?

GDT’s tyre recycling process is called destructive distillation and this is similar to pyrolysis, which uses heat and excludes air. However, under destructive distillation, controlled heat reduces whole tyres to their constituent elements which then reform into oils which are distilled and collected.

What percentage of tyres are recycled in Australia?

Each year in Australia, the equivalent of 48 million tyres reach the end of their life, only 16% of these are domestically recycled. Around two thirds of used tyres in Australia end up in landfill, are stockpiled, illegally dumped or have an unknown fate.

How do you dispose of old tyres?

10 Ways to Reuse and Recycle Your Old Tyres

  1. 1) A garden table for the centre piece of your garden party.
  2. 2) Innovative planters to bring life to your garden.
  3. 3) An indoor pouffe to brighten up your living room.
  4. 4) The perfect recycled foot stool.
  5. 5) Floral Wreath.
  6. 6) A cosy dog bed for your pet to sleep.

Can tyres be recycled?

Tyres are now recycled in to many different things and in many different ways instead of dumping them in landfill . Once the tyres have been shredded their have many industrial uses, anything from firing cement kilns to becoming crumb rubber modifier and then being used in pavements and roads.

Why are tyres not recycled?

Due to the mix of chemicals used in tyres, they can be hard to recycle. Even heavy road use can make tyres harder to recycle, as oil and other substances can contaminate the rubber. Tyres at the end of their life can be broken down and granulated to ensure that the various materials can be seen.

What is the best way to recycle tires?

Here are some of them.

  1. Take Them to Play Parks, Sports Clubs, Or Zoos. Do not throw that old tire on landfills or incinerators.
  2. Upcycle Them. This is an exciting option for those who feel creative or crafty.
  3. Exchange Them at Your Garage.
  4. Take Them to Your Local Recycling Center.

Is there money in recycling tyres?

Instead of taking up space in your factory or garage, or posing a fire hazard, old tyres can be shredded and reused in many different ways, from playground surfaces to road surfacing. By selling on shredded tyres you will be able to make some revenue and also do your bit for the environment by recycling.

How many waste tyres are generated in Australia each year?

Twenty million tyres are disposed of in Australia every year and end up in landfill. Mr Quigley said it was an important environmental development, given 1.6 billion tyres were created every year.

How do they recycle old tyres?

When the tyres reach a recycling centre, they are fed into a shredder. Magnets and screens are used to separate the metals and fibres from the rubber in the strips of tyre. Some rubber is wasted as part of this process, but if the recycling facility has suitable equipment, this waste rubber can be recycled too.

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