How do I export a playlist from Traktor?

How do I export a playlist from Traktor?

Moving your tracks to USB

  1. Right click in the browser tree and create playlist.
  2. Drag and drop your selected tracks into the playlist.
  3. Create a folder on your hard drive and give it a name.
  4. Go back to the playlist in Traktor and right click it.
  5. Select export, select NML as the export format.

How do I export my library from Traktor?

Install the latest version of TRAKTOR on your new computer. Open TRAKTOR and in Preferences > File Management and make sure that option Import Music-Folders at Startup is disabled. Then close TRAKTOR. Connect the external hard drive or USB flash drive with the backup files to your new computer.

Where is Traktor history?

Look under the explorer node in traktor and open the archive folder. All your histories will be there under the date they were made.

How do I recover my playlist on Traktor?

If you wish to restore single Playlists, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the Playlist you wish to restore from the TRAKTOR’s Browse Tree.
  2. Hold your mouse down and drag the Playlist onto the slot where you wish the Playlist to be added to the Favorites, then release the mouse button.

How do I open Traktor history file?

TRAKTOR’s History Playlist keeps a record of each track played during the current TRAKTOR session. You can view it by selecting the History Playlist icon in the TRAKTOR Browser.

Can you use Amazon music with Traktor?

MusConv easily imports your playlists and favorites from Amazon Music to Traktor. With MusConv you can easily transfer all your music from Amazon Music to Traktor!

Does Traktor work with iTunes?

The iTunes node in the TRAKTOR browser allows you to directly access all of your tracks and playlists contained in the iTunes Music Library. If you additionally want to edit track information in TRAKTOR and take full advantage of all Track Collection features, you need to import your tracks and playlists.

How do I add music to my Traktor library?

There are two ways to add music to your collection: via the Explorer node of the TRAKTOR library browser; or; dragging and dropping using the Finder / File Explorer window. In both cases, you can just drag the tracks or folders to your main collection or the current year playlist.

What happened to my Traktor playlists favorites?

The TRAKTOR Playlists Favorites bar at the top of TRAKTOR’s Browser allows for quick access to a set of up to 12 default or customized Playlists. However, you may experience the following issues with Favorites: After you ran the TRAKTOR Setup Wizard, your customized Favorite Playlists have been replaced by default Playlists.

How do I add new tracks to my Traktor cruise mode?

There’s no need for extra software, as the key will be determined during the track analysis. If you’re used to the Camelot system (8A/2B), there are other options such as Mixed In Key. Next up, either throw your new tracks into an empty iTunes playlist, or use within TRAKTOR Cruise Mode, and hit PLAY.

How do I transfer my Traktor collection to a new computer?

Importing your Collection Start TRAKTOR again on your new computer. Right-click on Collection in the TRAKTOR browser and select Import another Collection from the context-menu. Browse to the backup Root Directory on your external hard drive (in our example “Traktor 2.7.3”) and select the file “collection.nml”.

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