How do I find the size of a subsite in SharePoint 2010?

How do I find the size of a subsite in SharePoint 2010?

Open the SharePoint site that contains all the sub-sites whose sizes you’re interested in, click the gear icon and choose Site Settings; in the Site Settings page, click Storage Metrics under Site Collection Administration.

How do I check my subsite size in SharePoint online?

Find the size of a subsite within a site collection

  1. Connect Site Collection home page.
  2. Click Settings (gear-icon) on top-left of the page.
  3. Go to Site Collection Administration > Storage Metrics.
  4. Now, you can see the storage reports with sub-sites. Related Reads.

How do I create a subsite in SharePoint 2010?

Login to your SharePoint Online site. Go to your Site – > Click on settings and click on Site contents on the menu. Click on New Subsite in bottom of the page . Please enter the Title and Description of your new subsite, choose the URL for it and select a template for this subsite.

What is a SharePoint subsite?

Subsites in SharePoint are the same as a regular site except for the fact that they reside inside a site. Technically, the only sites that can’t be termed subsites are the ones that are on the top of the hierarchy, which you usually see in the root.

How do I see file sizes in SharePoint?

How to View the Size of Files or Folders in SharePoint Online.

  1. In SharePoint, select Documents on the left.
  2. Click Add column and select Show/Hide columns.
  3. Check the File size checkbox and then click Apply.
  4. In File Size column you can see the file size of each individual file in your SharePoint site.

What is Sharegate tool?

Sharegate helps you migrate your entire enterprise environment, or granularly move files, lists, libraries, sites, site collections, workflows and more. This way, you can personalize your migration experience according to your specific business needs, no matter the complexity, and without impacting your users.

Can I make an existing SharePoint site a subsite?

Yes, it is feasible to copy or move contents from one site to another one. Also, you can visit http://yoursite/_layouts/15/sitemanager.aspx directly to step into site manager. Select the site of you want to move in the left navigation pane. Check the box next to the subsite you want to move in the right pane.

How do I create a subsite in SharePoint online using Powershell?

How to Create a Subsite in SharePoint Online?

  1. Sign in to your SharePoint Online site as Site Collection Administrator/Site Owner >> Navigate to the site under which the new subsite is to be created.
  2. Click on Site Settings Gear Icon >> Choose “Site Contents” (or Click on the Site Content link from the Quick Launch)

Should I use a subsite in SharePoint?

In general, you want to use subsites whenever there is a division of information. I would suggest that you fight against the urge to do most things in the root. In fact, I’ve often seen the root site mostly contain links to all the subsites.

What is the difference between a SharePoint page and a subsite?

The short answer is that there is no difference between a SharePoint site and a SharePoint subsite. They are the same thing. Any site you create in SharePoint is a subsite since it will reside under some other site in your site hierarchy.

Does SharePoint have a file size limit?

No more than 100 GB total file size. No more than 30,000 files. Each file must be less than 15 GB.

How to check the size of SharePoint 2010 sites using PowerShell?

Check the size of SharePoint 2010 sites using PowerShell One of those “it may come in useful one day” scripts. It walks through a site hierarchy in SharePoint 2010, reports the size of each one, and then displays a total size for all sites reported.

How to get the size of a sub-site?

It has OOTB Method, Tool to find Sub-site Size, PowerShell Script to Get Sub-site size. You can turn on Storage Metrics. If it is already enabled, it’s under Site Collection Administration and then “Storage Metrics”. It should give you what you need. If it’s not enabled, you would need to check the Timer Job.

How to find the size of a site using Windows Explorer?

Or you can use Open with Windows Explorer; go to ribbon select Library–> Open with Windows Explorer. Then navigate to the site level. Right-click and select properties. I hope this help you. It has OOTB Method, Tool to find Sub-site Size, PowerShell Script to Get Sub-site size. You can turn on Storage Metrics.

Did you know that PowerShell can expose your site data?

As luck would have it, I had. The good news is that PowerShell exposes that information pretty easily. Even an admin like myself can figure it out. Let’s walk through how I put this all together. First I set a variable to a site collection so that I could take a look at the properties that were exposed.

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