How do I fix GTA 4 installation error?

How do I fix GTA 4 installation error?

These error might be caused by corrupt DLL files. Are you try to install from GTA installation DVD or the setup file copied to the hard disk? Let’s try the following troubleshooting steps and check if they fix the issue. Perform clean boot and check if you can install the GTA 4.

Why is my GTA 4 stuck on the loading screen PS3?

If you get stuck on a loading screen try deleting the “profile” (its a 74kb file in save games directory that stores your options settings so dont worry). It worked for me and two of mates.

How long does it take for GTA 4 to install?

GTA IV is huge game but the installation speed depends upon the specifications of your pc or laptop, Installation takes: ~40 minutes on 8-cores CPUs + SSD; ~1.5 hours on 4-cores CPU + HDD; ; up to 2.5 hours on 2-cores CPU + HDD.

How do you restart a mission in GTA 4?

Just go to the start menu in the game and scroll over to Game and hit New. It’ll start a new game and you can just save in a different slot.

Why does my ps3 game not load?

Check both sides of your disc to make sure that it is not scratched or damaged, and then clean your disc carefully using a microfibre cloth. Once that is done, reinsert your disc into the console and attempt to launch it again.

How do you fix infinite loading screen on GTA 5 ps3?

Being stuck on “Loading Story Mode” load screen in GTAV

  1. Check to see if it’s a problem with that one particular save file.
  2. Unplug your console from the Internet and reboot the game.
  3. Check your disc in another console to test if it could be due to a scratched/damaged disc or console hardware issue.

What is the size of GTA 4 setup?

According to Rockstar Warehouse, the download size of GTA 4 Complete Edition is 22 GB.

How long does GTA 4 take to download ps3?

The install of GTA IV is 3339 MB in size and took about 4 mins to install..

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