How do I get Chichu Ffxiii 2?

How do I get Chichu Ffxiii 2?

Chichu is a recruitable monster from Final Fantasy XIII-2. It can be obtained by throwing Mog after learning Improved Moogle Throw Fragment Skill into a patch of red flowers at the Plains of Eternity in the Archylte Steppe -??? AF-.

How do you unlock the secret ending in Ffxiii 2?

After you’ve acquired all 160 fragments, go to AF500 Academia and make sure to turn on the Paradox Scope fragment skill. Cruise through the boss marathon and after the ending credits have rolled, the secret ending of the game plays. That’s it!

Where is the forked cat Ffxiii 2?

The Forked Cat is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII-2. It is encountered in Oerba 400 AF, in the company of Zaghnal. It is also one of very few if any regular creatures that can, very rarely, appear in Cie’th formations.

What happened at the end of ff13 2?

Triumphant in their battle against Caius, Serah and Noel return to Academia and witness the direct effects of their journey through time. Background tracks: New World by Charice, The Goddess is Dead And no I definitely didn’t procrastinate uploading this video for so long that I eventually forgot altogether.

How do I summon black Chocobo?

To unlock flight you need an Aether Current, which is needed to control their direction in the air. Upon getting the Black Chocobo Whistle, you will learn that you will need to unlock Aether Currents throughout the six areas of Ishguard. Unlock all of them and the Chocobo will be able to fly.

How do I redeem my black Chocobo mount?

Starts here7:22How to get the Fat Black Chocobo RIGHT NOW! (Final Fantasy XIV)YouTube

How do you get a Chocobo Knight in Final Fantasy XIV?

You can also get a Chocobo Knight via the Clan Mates quest during Goldsun and Silversun. In certain quests and random enemy encounters, you will battle wild Chocobos. Here is a list of all the times and places when you can encounter different wild Chocobos:

How do you catch a Chocobo in chocobos?

To catch a Chocobos, you have to send one of your Chocobo Knights into battle where there are wild Chocobos. When you find a Chocobo that you want to catch, you first have to cause it enough damage to give it the HP Critical status.

How do I get rid of my chocobos?

If you don’t want to Chocobo anymore, you can use the Dismount command in battle to let it go, or you can have your Chocobo Knight change jobs. You can also give the Chocobo away during Rancher’s Request quests. In addition, if your Chocobo Knight is KOed during battle, the Chocobo will run away.

How do you get a Chocobos to Mount?

When you find a Chocobo that you want to catch, you first have to cause it enough damage to give it the HP Critical status. Move your Chocobo Knight so that the Chocobo is in an adjacent square, then use the Mount command to hop onto the Chocobo.

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