How do I improve my NetBackup performance?

How do I improve my NetBackup performance?


  1. Disable all NetBackup logging.
  2. Disable Compression in the Policy Attributes.
  3. Disable intelligent disaster recovery (IDR) and true image restore (TIR) in the Policy Attributes.
  4. Disable Open Transaction Manager (OTM) and Volume Snapshot Provider (VSP).
  5. Disable Job Tracker on each client machine.

How do I set up NetBackup air?

To configure NetBackup Auto Image Replication (AIR) please follow the steps:

  1. Configure Media Server Deduplication Pool (MSDP) or OpenStorage (OST) compatible Storage Servers in the both NetBackup domains.
  2. Create a trust relationship between NetBackup Master/Media Servers – kyoto.nihonno.domein and beppi.nihonno.domein.

How does NetBackup replication work?

About NetBackup Auto Image Replication It notifies the NetBackup master server in the target domain. NetBackup imports the image immediately, based on an SLP that contains an import operation. NetBackup can import the image quickly because the metadata is replicated as part of the image.

How does NetBackup deduplication work?

With media-server deduplication, the NetBackup client software creates the image of backed-up files as it would for a normal backup. The client sends the backup image to a media server, which hosts the plug-in that duplicates the backup data.

Could not determine whether Target is PDDE or Pddo Access Denied?

3. If firewall is in use, certain ports must be open bidirectionally. Even after opening the required ports, there have been instances where the firewall still inadvertently denies NetBackup replication traffic. In this case, one way to find out is by watching for packet denials within the firewall itself.

How do I stop SLP NetBackup?

Use the nbstlutil cancel command to terminate the SLP processing. Add the -force_not_complete option to the bpexpdate command to force the expiration even if the image or copy is not SLP-complete.

What is MSDP in NetBackup?

This post covers Media Server Deduplication Storage Pool (MSDP) which is an embedded deduplication technology that ships and is installed with base NetBackup 7.6 software, and that is provided on NetBackup appliances running version 2.6 software. Reduce the amount of data that is stored. Reduce backup bandwidth.

Which option on NetBackup admin console helps replicating the backup image to another NetBackup domain?

Replication of backups to another NetBackup domain is known as Auto Image Replicaton.

What is the purpose of CloudCatalyst?

It provides powerful end-to-end deduplication in the data center and extends backup data to Azure Government in its deduplicated format without rehydration or staging. Recovery of data can be performed directly from the CloudCatalyst which speeds up recovery.

What are the best practices for NetBackup?

The next NetBackup best practice to examine is to use the “max jobs per client” setting to limit client throughput in order to increase performance. This best practice is based on the following idea. With some exceptions, how long all the backups take is more important than how long an individual client’s backup takes.

What is NetBackup auto image replication (air)?

NetBackup Auto Image Replication (AIR) was released in version NetBackup 7.1 and has been improved so much. AIR lets you replicate the backups that are generated in one NetBackup domain to storage in one or more target NetBackup domains.

How to increase the number of concurrent replication jobs in NetBackup?

This is done by tuning the SLP parameters. In NetBackup 7.5, the tuning parameters for SLP replication jobs are the same as those used for duplication jobs. To increase the number of concurrent jobs the size of the replication batches must be made smaller.

How do I replicate backups from one NetBackup domain to another?

AIR lets you replicate the backups that are generated in one NetBackup domain to storage in one or more target NetBackup domains. To replicate images from one NetBackup domain to another NetBackup domain requires two storage lifecycle policies (SLP).

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