How do I open Equity Bank account in Diaspora?

How do I open Equity Bank account in Diaspora?

Sign up Process

  1. Download the application form and email indemnity form and complete both.
  2. Collect all the documents listed in requirements above.
  3. Zip all attachments in (1and 2 above) together into a single zip file.
  4. Go to “Apply for an Account” Section on the site.
  5. Fill it out and attach the single zip file.

Can I open a Nigerian bank account from abroad?

Nigerians living abroad. What are the documents required to open a Diaspora account? Valid means of Identification (from a Nigerian authority or a notarized foreign international passport). Public utility receipt (Proof of foreign address (notarized) or Bank statement from a foreign bank.

How do I get money from overseas bank to Equity bank?

To transfer money from an overseas bank account to the Equity Bank account, you need:

  1. The Equity Bank swift code Kenya EQBLKENA.
  2. Equity Bank branch codes.
  3. Recipient’s bank name which in this case is Equity Bank Kenya.
  4. Address of the bank branch in Kenya, i.e. Kenyatta Avenue Nakuru.
  5. Name of the recipient.

How do I open an equity Diaspora account in Kenya?

Sign up Process

  1. Download the application forms.
  2. Complete the forms.
  3. Attach the documents listed in requirements above.
  4. Send the forms and supporting documents to [email protected].
  5. Send the original (hard copy) email indemnity form via post to the address below:Diaspora banking, Equity Bank Limited.

How do I open a KCB Diaspora account?

Requirements To Open A Diaspora Bank Account In Kenya

  1. Valid Identification documents.
  2. Customer information obtained.
  3. Pep Check.
  4. Blacklist checked.
  5. Financial statements.
  6. KRA Pin provided.
  7. Foreign Individual – Letter from Employee/Student ID.
  8. Photographs obtained/captured and authenticated.

How do I open a Diaspora account?

The following documents are required to open an Diaspora Banking account:

  1. Proof of Identity: A notarized/sighted copy of any one (1) of the following Identification:A valid Nigerian passport.
  2. Passport Photographs:
  3. Proof of Residential Address: A notarized/sighted copy of any one (1) of the following:

What is the benefit of Diaspora account?

The balance of the account is kept in foreign currency. The account holders can withdraw money from this account in foreign currency upon presentation of travel documents (VISA and valid Air Ticket), without having a foreign exchange control permit.

Is mpesa in Saudi Arabia?

Xpress Money is offering the M-PESA service to its customers in Saudi Arabia as part of the company’s phased roll out of mobile remittance channels across various countries.

Is Equity Bank found in Saudi Arabia?

The statistic shows the equity of banks in Saudi Arabia in 2010….Equity of Saudi Arabian banks in 2010 (in million Saudi riyals)

Characteristic Equity in million Saudi riyals

How much does it cost to open an equity bank account?

Account opening balance of KSh 300. Minimum monthly contributions of KSh 300. Minimum lock operating period of 6 months with no partial withdrawal. No monthly charges.

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