How do I pay my Monroe County water Bill?

How do I pay my Monroe County water Bill?

Dial: 833-702-0083. Follow the voice prompts to pay using a debit or credit card or to pay directly from your bank account (ACH). These payments are processed through our 3rd party payment service ACI/Speedpay for a for a fee of $1.30 per transaction. Debit/credit cards accepted are VISA, MasterCard, or Discover.

Is Monroe County water Safe?

The water is safe to drink. We are required to maintain a chlorine residual in the distribution system to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Where does Monroe County get its water?

Lake Ontario
Our primary water source is Lake Ontario which is treated at our Shoremont Plant in Greece and our Webster Plant in Webster.

Is the Monroe County Water Authority a government agency?

The Monroe County Water Authority is a not-for-profit public benefit corporation that provides water to over 186,000 customers over parts of six counties.

How much does water cost in Monroe County?

Monroe County Water Authority’s water is a great value – approximately 1¢ for 4 gallons – delivered to your home….Quick Tip.

Meter Size Charges per Day
3″ $3.36
4″ $4.53
6″ $9.05
8″ $12.94

Where does Monroe County NY get its water?

Most of the county gets its water from Lake Ontario, one of the Great Lakes, which can be found north of the City of Rochester. The water from these lakes is treated by the City of Rochester Water Bureau and Monroe County Water Authority.

Is Monroe County water fluoridated?

Q. Why is my water fluoridated? Water provided by the MCWA contains a controlled, low level of fluoride (about 0.7 parts per million) as recommended by the EPA to help prevent cavities.

Does Rochester have hard water?

Water from the Detroit system contains 1.0 to 1.1 mg/L of Fluoride and the water from the city’s well contains 0.5 mg/L of fluoride with a hardness level of 19 grains. The presence of these elements does not pose a health risk. For more information about Rochester’s water quality please contact the DPW at 248-651-5165.

Can I drink tap water in Rochester?

In 2020, the City met or exceeded all of the drinking water standards set by the EPA and the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH). The Rochester Water Bureau is committed to providing safe, high quality water and excellent service, while adhering to safe and environmentally friendly practices.

Does Rochester NY have hard water?

From Rochester to Buffalo and Springville to Grand Island, if you live in Western New York, you may have wondered if you’re suffering from hard water. In fact, New York hard water can be an issue for many residents throughout our area.

Does Rochester NY have hard or soft water?

Is Rochester NY tap water safe to drink?

The City of Rochester is one of the many New York water utilities providing drinking water with a controlled low level of fluoride for consumer dental health protection. According to the U.S.

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