How do I reset my sidekick?

How do I reset my sidekick?

Master reset with hardware keys

  1. Back up all data on the internal memory.
  2. Turn off the phone.
  3. Hold down the Volume Up + Volume Down keys and Power key simultaneously.
  4. When the Samsung logo appears on the screen, wait a few seconds, the Android system recovery screen will appear and release the keys.

What happened to the Sidekick phone?

As the physical keyboard became less useful, the Sidekick brand went through its biggest change in 2010: T-Mobile announced that it was dropping Danger’s data service. So, Danger turned off its servers, and older Sidekicks that relied on their data centers were rendered useless.

What was the first Sidekick phone?

Danger Hiptop
T-Mobile Sidekick a.k.a. Danger Hiptop The first T-Mobile Sidekick debuted in 2002. It featured a 240×160-pixel, 4-bit monochrome display and was touted as a BlackBerry for the masses. The handheld provided real-time e-mail and instant messaging but lacked a speakerphone.

Who made the original Sidekick phone?

Danger Hiptop

The original Hiptop with revised color screen
Brand Danger Inc, T-Mobile
Developer T-Mobile
Manufacturer Danger Incorporated / Flextronics / Sharp Corporation / Motorola / Samsung
Series Hiptop/Sidekick

Will the Sidekick phone ever come back?

Bellevue, Washington — April 1, 2018 — It’s time for a comeback. T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) today announced it’s bringing back its most beloved and iconic device — the Sidekick! And it’s even better than you remember!

Can I still use a Sidekick?

If you wish, you can still use the Sidekick for calls and text messaging. T-Mobile will begin sending out letters to current Sidekick owners tomorrow to alert them to the change and provide information about transferring data and transitioning to a new device.

Can you still use Sidekick T-Mobile?

T-Mobile is officially retiring the Sidekick 4G (aka Samsung SGH-T839) but says that it won’t discontinue the Sidekick line.

Are Sidekick phones coming back?

Can you still use a sidekick in 2020?

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