How do I send money to an inmate in Fresno County Jail?

How do I send money to an inmate in Fresno County Jail?

Deposits may be made to an inmate’s account via TouchPay at the kiosks located in the Jail Lobbies, online at or toll-free phone at (866) 232-1899. (Refer to Money & Property for additional information.) You may also order gift packages online at

What does bailout Y mean in jail?

to post money or bond to secure an accused defendant’s release. This is generally called “bailing out” a prisoner. (

How many inmates are in the Fresno County Jail?

2,427 inmates
The total combined capacity of all open floors is currently 2,427 inmates. The inmate population is supervised by over 350 Correctional Officers, Correctional Sergeants, and Correctional lieutenants.

How do I leave a message for an inmate in Fresno County Jail?

In order to leave a voicemail message, you will need to have an active GTL AdvancePay prepaid account with sufficient funds. You will also need to know the inmate’s 8-digit PIN number. 1. Call (559) 400-7521 for the GTL Voicemail System.

How do I put commissary money?

How to add money to an inmate’s commissary account:

  1. Select Send Money Now button.
  2. Select the appropriate state and facility.
  3. Enter at least 3 characters of the resident’s last name or their ID.
  4. Enter your payment information and amount of deposit, click the check box after reading the terms and conditions and select ok.

How do I get a refund from TouchPay?

Please contact TouchPay’s Customer Service team for specifics at (866) 204-1603. Q: Can I get a refund on a deposit? A: Each deposit is made based on your request and specifications. Once a deposit has been made successfully, TouchPay can no longer refund, reverse or change the transaction.

What does Um mean in jail?

Even though the prison process is called by the same name as it is in an HMO–Utilization Management–correctional UM is an entirely different animal.

What does RFC stand for in jail?


Acronym Definition
RFC Returned For Corrections
RFC Required Functional Capability
RFC Reserve Forces Course
RFC Revised for Construction

How many floors does Fresno County Jail have?

six story
The Main Jail is a six story building – some stories with second “tier” levels – that contains most of the core services for the jail system including: intake receiving, jail administration, an infirmary, court holding and inmate housing.

How do you call Fresno County Jail?

Jail Questions To see if someone is in custody, check the Inmate Information Center, or you may call (559) 475-9491.

What phone service does Fresno County Jail use?

Global Tel Link
Inmate telephone service is provided through Global Tel Link (GTL).

Can inmates leave voicemails?

Inmate Voice Mail is a secure PIN-protected system where friends and family can easily leave a voice message for any inmate without the need to contact the facility.

How can I find an inmate in County Jail?

To find an inmate within the Los Angeles County jail system go to the Los Angeles County Inmate Information Center. *You must enter the inmate’s complete last name and at least the first letter of the first name before the “Search” button will work. Enter the complete, correctly spelled last name of the inmate.

What is the address for Fresno County Jail?

The address of Fresno County Jail is 1225 M Street, Fresno, California, 93721, United States.

Can a jail refuse an inmate?

Inmate calls from the jail are collect calls and you can simply refuse to accept the calls. To refuse to accept a call, just hang up. If you continue to receive unwanted calls you can have your phone number blocked in the jail phone system.

What is a jail inmate?

A jail is a secure facility that houses three main types of inmates: People who have been arrested and are being held pending a plea agreement, trial, or sentencing; People who have been convicted of a misdemeanor criminal offense and are serving a sentence of (typically) less than 1 year; and.

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