How do you attach man wires to a pole?

How do you attach man wires to a pole?

The guy wires are attached to the upper half of each mast section with a guy ring and clamp. The ring and clamp are fitted to the mast before the antenna is attached. The mast ends of the guy wires are run through holes in the guy ring. The wire then is wrapped around itself at least six times (Figure 1).

How do you brace a power pole?

Place a ladder against the electric pole. Drill a hole in the pole and place an anchor eye bolt in the hole. The anchor bolt should be adjacent to the pull of the electric wires for added support. Hammer or thread the eye bolt stake into the ground 20 feet from the pole adjacent to the pull of the wire it will support.

What is a pole brace?

Pole brace connector brackets will permit an attachment angle up to 90 degrees with the pole. The pole contacting surface is curved with integral teeth for maximum stability and distribution of the load.

How do you fix a leaning electric pole?

Straighten the pole with the help of a friend. While one friend holds the pole, hammer the wooden stakes into the ground. Add enough tension to the ropes to hold the pole in place. Check that the pole is straight with a level, and make tension adjustments where necessary.

How long should guy wires be?

In high wind areas, using four guy wires spaced 90° apart is recommended. For installations using masts taller than 10′, a separate set of guy wires and anchoring points should be used for each 10′ section(or the length above 10′).

How are guy wires anchored?

Guy Wire Anchors Guy Anchors are used to attach the guy-wire that helps support a tower, antenna mast or even utility poles. The anchoring is accomplished by using rods, usually made from galvanized steel, that are screw driven, concreted into the ground or backfilled with earth.

Can guy wires be moved?

There is probably no way for them to move just the guy wire. The pole will have to be relocated. That will probably mean rerouting the utility. Not something they are likely to do just on your whim.

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