How do you create a file in Chef?

How do you create a file in Chef?

rb file and submit a pull request to the Chef Infra Client repository. Use the file resource to manage files directly on a node. Use the cookbook_file resource to copy a file from a cookbook’s /files directory. Use the template resource to create a file based on a template in a cookbook’s /templates directory.

How do I make a Chef Cookbook?

Create the Cookbook

  1. From your workstation, move to your chef-repo/cookbooks directory: cd chef-repo/cookbooks.
  2. Create the cookbook. In this instance the cookbook is titled lamp_stack : chef generate cookbook lamp_stack.
  3. Move to your cookbook’s newly-created directory: cd lamp_stack.

How do I create a directory in Chef?


  1. Create a directory. directory ‘/tmp/something’ do owner ‘root’ group ‘root’ mode ‘0755’ action :create end.
  2. Create a directory in Microsoft Windows. directory “C:\\tmp\\something.txt” do rights :full_control, “DOMAIN\\User” inherits false action :create end.
  3. Create a directory recursively.
  4. Delete a directory.

What is the command to create a cookbook in Chef server?

knife cookbook: The knife cookbook subcommand is used to interact with cookbooks that are located on the Chef server or the local chef-repo. chef generate cookbook: The chef generate cookbook subcommand is used to generate a cookbook.

What is the difference between chef and Ansible?

Setting it Up: Chef operates with a master-client architecture. The server part runs on the master machine, while the client portion runs as an agent on every client machine. On the other hand, Ansible only uses a master running on the server machine, but no agents running on the client machine.

How do I run a Chef Cookbook locally?

Developing recipes with local mode

  1. Create a cookbook named my_cookbook by running the following command: [email protected]:~/chef-repo $ chef generate cookbook cookbooks/my_cookbook.
  2. Edit the default recipe of my_cookbook so that it creates a temporary file: [email protected]:~/chef-repo $ subl cookbooks/my_cookbook/recipes/default.rb.

What is cookbook in DevOps?

Cookbooks are fundamental working units of Chef, which consists of all the details related to working units, having the capability to modify configuration and the state of any system configured as a node on Chef infrastructure. Cookbooks contain values about the desired state of node.

What is Chef :: Config?

Generally it will be something like /var/chef/cache . This is used for caching cookbooks and files in them, but as you noted you can also use it from your own code for the same kind of thing.

How many links does a newly created directory have by default?

By default, a file will have a link count of 1 i.e., any new file created will have a link count 1.

Which files and folders are created by the Chef generate cookbook command?

Cookbook Metadata File When you upload your cookbook to the Chef server, the metadata file is compiled and stored in the Chef server as JSON file. By default when you create a cookbook using knife command, it generates the metadata. rb file.

How do you run a Chef cookbook?

Chef – Testing Cookbooks

  1. Step 1 − Install the cookbook using the following command.
  2. Step 2 − Run the knife cookbook test commands on the working cookbook.
  3. Step 3 − Break something in the cookbook and test again.
  4. Step 4 − Run the knife test command again.

Is Chef a DevOps tool?

Chef is one of the big four of DevOps tools, in company with Ansible, Puppet, and Salt.

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