How do you find the number of records in a Recordset?

How do you find the number of records in a Recordset?

Use the RecordCount property to find out how many records in a Recordset or TableDef object have been accessed. The RecordCount property doesn’t indicate how many records are contained in a dynaset–, snapshot–, or forward–only–type Recordset object until all records have been accessed.

How do I count Recordset in VBA?

  1. You mean rs.RecordCount? ‘ Here rs -> recordset.
  2. Yes I mean get number of recordset without using recordset.count. – Jack.
  3. Rs. recordcount will returns numbers of rows in the recordset rs..
  4. If the .Count is all you need then you don’t really need a recordset object for it. Construct your query using a COUNT function.

What is record count?

A count of records contained within a data set submission.

How do I open a recordset using Adodb?

There are three ways to open a Recordset Object within ADO:

  1. By opening the Recordset off the Connection. Execute() method.
  2. By opening the Recordset off the Command.
  3. By opening the Recordset object without a Connection or Command object, and passing a valid Connect string to the second argument of the Recordset.

What is Adodb Recordset?

An ADODB Recordset in VBA is a storage item: you can store all kinds of different things in it: numbers, texts, dates. An ADODB Recordset is a database that you can design, fill and edit completely in the working memory. VBA has several other options for storing data: – a dictionary.

Why does ADO recordcount always return -1?

Recordset object has a RecordCount property that indicates how many records in the Recordset. When I first used ADO in 1999, it had puzzled me for over a year why the RecordCount always returned -1. After many tests and digs into the Help document, I realized the culprit was the type of cursor I used for the record set.

How do I get the number of Records in a recordset?

The RecordCount property returns a long value that indicates the number of records in a Recordset object. If the Recordset object supports AbsolutePosition and AbsolutePage properties or bookmarks (if Supports(adApproxPosition) or Supports(adBookmark) returns true), this property will return the exact number of records in the Recordset.

Why can’t I read the recordcount on a closed recordset?

Reading the RecordCount property on a closed Recordset causes an error. If the Recordset object does support either bookmarks or approximate positioning, this property returns the exact number of records in the Recordset. This property returns the exact number regardless of whether the Recordset has been fully populated.

How does ADO create a forward only cursor for a recordset?

By default, ADO implicitly creates a forward only cursor for a recordset and returns -1 in the RecordCount property when one of the following methods is used. When opening the recordset object by using the Open method of the Recordset object if no cursor type is specified.

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