How do you fix radiation damaged DNA?

How do you fix radiation damaged DNA?

DNA damage repair after radiation therapy. In irradiated cells, a number of DNA lesions are induced including single (SSB) and double-strand breaks (DSB). (A) SSBs are corrected by the part of base excision repair (BER) known as single-strand break repair (SSBR).

What type of radiation can damage DNA?

Ionizing radiation

Can you repair damaged cells?

Like Apollo 13, a damaged cell cannot rely on anyone to fix it. It must repair itself, first by stopping the loss of cytoplasm, and then regenerate by rebuilding structures that were damaged or lost. Understanding how they repair and regenerate themselves could guide treatments for conditions involving cellular damage.

What happens when you activate your DNA?

When you get your DNA activated to 12 strands, your higher energy body, aka your higher spiritual chakras 8-12, are opened, and you are now able to access your infinite self. And there is an actual reason you feel this way- and it has to do with your chakras and activating your DNA.

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