How do you get a POSTIDENT?

How do you get a POSTIDENT?

Download the POSTIDENT app for identity verification via smartphone. Alternatively, you can also complete the process on your PC or laptop with a webcam. Start the identity check by scanning the QR code that is displayed online or by entering your case ID in the app.

How do you do a German POSTIDENT?

You have the following options:

  1. Contact the contracting party for whom you want to your identity confirmed – a bank or an online retailer, for example – and have them send you a new coupon.
  2. Select a different POSTIDENT procedure that is accepted by your contracting party.

How much time does POSTIDENT take?

Identifying a person via video chat takes approximately 5 minutes. With POSTIDENT by photo: It takes just a few moments for the user to take photos. Depending on the number of documents to be reviewed, identification by the service agent takes between 2 and 5 minutes.


In a test by an independent testing institute, Postident was certified a high level of security. The error rate is 1.1 percent.

What is DHL PostIdent?

POSTIDENT identity checks. Easy, secure and available anywhere. Personal identification on site in a post office or online in a video chat, via eID function or photo identification.

What is the meaning of PostIdent?

The PostIdent process is an electronic-based solution offered to many different companies in Germany in order to perform electronic identity checks in an easy, comfortable way. This process can be normally completed at any office from the German Postal Service (Deutsche Post).

What is PostIdent DHL?

Does POSTIDENT accept Indian passport?

The postident system at Deutsche post does not accept the Indian passport for the verification process!


How does post ID work?

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What is legitimation in Germany?

Video legitimation is a pilot service and an alternative to the conventional identification method in Germany whereby the customer would need to visit a post office to identify themselves before being able to open an account.

What is Post -> ID?

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