How do you get super homie Kinzie?

How do you get super homie Kinzie?

When he disappears, use telekinesis to fling the armory vehicles at the reinforcements. Cyrus will reappear one last time. Whittle his health down to 25% — Kinzie will do the rest. Congrats – Kinzie is now your Super Homie!

Does Kinzie like Oleg?

Late in the game, Oleg reveals that he has romantic feelings for Kinzie. Since she is not present during this revelation, it is never made clear if Kinzie returns these feelings, or indeed is even aware of them.

How old is Kenzie Saints Row?

She’s in her twenties when introduced in Saints Row: The Third and about five years older in later games.

Who is Kinzie?

John Harris Kinzie (July 7, 1803 – June 19, 1865) was a prominent figure in Chicago politics during the 19th century. He served as president of Chicago when it was still a town and thrice unsuccessfully ran for Chicago’s mayoralty once it was incorporated as a city….

John H. Kinzie
Occupation Trader

How do you get homies in Saints Row 2?

These Homies can only be recruited via the “Homies” menu of the cellphone. When they’re called, they spawn in their own vehicle and drive to the player, and are automatically recruited when they exit their vehicle.

Is Oleg dead?

Deceased (845 AD–912 AD)
Oleg of Novgorod/Living or Deceased

What is Shaundi’s last name?

Shaundi’s surname is never mentioned in the Saints Row Series, a trait shared with Lin and Zimos. During one of Volition’s Twitch streams of the Sims 4 Hunger Games, it was joked that her last name is “Shaundinton”, parodying Kinzie Kensington’s name.

What does John Kinzie do Chicago?

In 1812 Kinzie murdered Jean La Lime, who worked as an interpreter at Fort Dearborn in Chicago. This was known as “the first murder in Chicago”….

John Kinzie
Died June 6, 1828 (aged 64) Chicago
Resting place Graceland Cemetery
Known for First permanent European settler in Chicago

How do you get homies?

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