How do you get the vile set in Infinity Blade 2?

How do you get the vile set in Infinity Blade 2?

The sword is received by heading down the hill to the right after defeating the first enemy of a Rebirth. Tap the stump, where you will fight both the Bog Giant and, when it falls, the Moss Golem. After the Moss Golem is defeated, you will receive the Vile Blade.

How do you get the vile blade?

The Vile Blade is a weapon added in the Vault of Tears update. It appears in Infinity Blade II. The Vile Blade is Ausar’s former weapon until he found the Infinity Blade. It is obtained after defeating the Bog Giant and Moss Golem in the marsh at the base of Saranthia.

Who is ausar the vile?

Siri was once Ausar the Vile, a ruthless Deathless warlord who was feared by his friends and enemies alike. He became an ally of the Worker of Secrets only to betray him later and steal the Infinity Blade, locking him in the Vault of Tears. He is later, however, slain by Raidriar on the Plains of Koroth.

Where is the vile helmet in Infinity Blade 2?

The Vile Helm is a helmet added to Infinity Blade II in the Vault of Tears update. It is found upon completion of the crown map. As with the other primary items in the Vile set, the Vile Helm is required to complete the Vile Map and obtain the Holy Band.

How did Isa become deathless?

She herself then becomes Deathless by using a Pinnacle of Sanctification, a machine that can convert ordinary beings into Deathless. In the end, she is killed in the Worker’s attack on the rebels but is reborn in Infinity Blade III.

How did Radriar survive?

Raidriar was reborn in his Seventh Temple of Reincarnation after Siris had defeated him in battle. He claims that he allowed Siris to defeat him. Raidriar uses technology, only available to the Deathless, to learn how he lost the duel against Siris.

Will there be Infinity Blade 4?

Infinity Blade 4 likely won’t ever happen because the series itself is part of a bygone era of gaming. For one thing, the fact that Android users never had a chance to play the game severely limited the scope of its fanbase.

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