How do you say good photo?

How do you say good photo?

The following are some of the starter sentences to compliment a photo:

  1. This/It is a nice photo…
  2. This/It is fabulous…
  3. This/It is a great photo…
  4. This/It is an awesome photo…
  5. This/It is an incredible photo…

How do you compliment a beautiful picture?

You’re an incredibly stunning and beautiful woman. I guess this is your best look; you look beautiful in this outfit. Wow! Literally, I have come across such a beautiful picture with a killer smile after a long time.

How do you comment Pictures on Facebook?

Commenting with a picture is limited to one image at a time. To add a picture to your comment, simply click the comment link and you will see a camera button at the end of the input area. Click that camera button, select an image from your local drive and it will be added to the comment.

How do you reply to photo comments on Facebook?

From a computer, open Facebook in your favorite web browser on your computer, then: Click Comment on your news feed beneath the post you want to respond to. Enter any text, if you want, and then click the camera icon at the right side of the text box. Choose the image or video you want to add to the comment. Submit the comment like you would any other.

How to add photos in Facebook comments?

Open Facebook. If you’re on a mobile device,it’s the blue icon with a white “F” on

  • Go to the post on which you’d like to add a photo.
  • Tap or click Write a comment…. This is the space at the bottom of the post’s current comments
  • Type your comment. If you don’t want to leave any text along
  • How to delete a comment on a picture on Facebook?

    Open Facebook. Go to your computer’s web browser.

  • Go to the post on which you want to delete a comment.
  • Open the comments section.
  • Hover your mouse over a comment.
  • It’s to the right of a comment.
  • Click Delete when prompted.

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