How do you select cases in SPSS with two variables?

How do you select cases in SPSS with two variables?

You go to Data->Select Cases->and Click on ‘If condition is satisfied’ You then click on the ‘IF’ push button, highlight my variable, and click on the middle arrow to bring it over to the Expression box. You then specify ‘var=1’ AND ‘var=2’. When you do so, all the cases become unselected.

How do you select cases in SPSS syntax?

Go to Data->Select cases and select ‘If condition is satisfied’. Enter a conditional statement, click Continue, and then, OK. If the condition contains a variable that is string, make sure you type single quote marks around each end of the string. The pasted syntax appears below, along with a sample data file.

How do you use or in select cases in SPSS?

To use OR successfully, first go to Data->Select Cases->If condition is satisfied. Click over the variable you want to include in the conditional statement followed by an equal sign and the condition. Then press the pipe symbol in the keypad which looks like this, ‘|’. This pipe stands for OR.

How do you select and delete a case in SPSS?

To delete certain cases from an analysis, use the SELECT IF command and select cases by providing selection conditions. For example, to delete freshmen (grade=1) from an analysis, run this SELECT IF command: SELECT IF (grade=2 OR grade=3 OR grade=4).

How do I combine two variables in SPSS?

Go to “Transform” in the tool bar at the top of the SPSS page. Click on “Compute” from the drop-down menu. Type the name of your new variable in the space under “Target Variable.” This is the name of the variable you are creating by multiplying two variables together.

How do I combine two categorical variables in SPSS?

SPSS Combine Categorical Variables Syntax

  1. *1. Declare new tmp string variable. string tmp(a1000).
  2. *2. Combine values and value labels of doctor_rating and nurse_rating into tmp string variable.
  3. *3. Convert string variable into numeric.
  4. *4. Delete tmp string variable.
  5. *5. Optionally, apply variable label to end result.

How do you select variables in SPSS?

Open your raw-dataset in SPSS and go: Data->Save As… -> enter a name for your copy -> klick the “Variables…” option and de-select all Variables that you don’t need. You can deselect all and then select the 14 variables that you need in the new set.

What is Select Case SPSS?

Select Cases provides several methods for selecting a subgroup of cases based on criteria that include variables and complex expressions. You can also select a random sample of cases. The criteria used to define a subgroup can include: Variable values and ranges. Date and time ranges.

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