How do you use Acnelak clz cream?

How do you use Acnelak clz cream?

Wash your skin with a mild cleanser and pat it dry before applying Acnelak-CLZ Cream. Apply it as a thin layer onto clean, dry, unbroken skin affected by acne. It may cause minor burning, stinging or irritation when applied. Inform your doctor if this does not go away.

What is Acnelak soap used for?

Acnelak Soap has a specialised oil-free formula that cleanses the excess oil from the acne prone skin, thereby, leaving it completely clean. Its unique ingredients provide antimicrobial action and soothes the skin. It is gentle on skin and ideal for daily use.

Is Acnelak face wash good?

Acnelak 4 in 1 Pimple Care Face Wash is a great product to clean acne pores. It lightens acne spots, reduces acne eruptions, calms and soothes irritated skin. Suitable for both men and women, it helps in reducing and controlling bacterial contamination of the face. It is also the no.

How do you use Acnelak face wash?

How to Use:

  1. Take an adequate amount of Acnelak 4 in 1 Face wash on your palm.
  2. Apply on Face.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with Lukewarm water.

When do you apply acne star gel?

Apply a thin layer of the Acnestar Gel to the affected area once a day. Use it at least 30 minutes before bedtime or as instructed by the doctor.

What are acne breakouts?

Acne is a skin condition that occurs when your hair follicles become plugged with oil and dead skin cells. It causes whiteheads, blackheads or pimples. Acne is most common among teenagers, though it affects people of all ages.

Which soap is best to avoid pimples?

Best Soaps For Acne

  • Pears Oil Clear & Glow Soap.
  • Vaadi Herbals Alluring Neem And Tulsi Soap.
  • Soulflower Lemon Ginger Soap.
  • TNW The Natural Wash Handmade Activated Charcoal Soap With Anti-pollution Effect.
  • Richfeel Calendula for Anti Acne Soap.
  • Himalaya Ayurveda Clear Skin Soap.

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