How do you use akintola leaves?

How do you use akintola leaves?

Ways of making: 👉Pound or puree (bracelet) uses the hand (because it is more effective using a hand). 👉Add a little water (ordinary water or water used usually spit own water). 👉After that, squeeze and wound medicine from Chromolaena odorata leaves ready for use. Stick it on the wound,then bandage It.

What type of leaf margin does Chromolaena odorata have?

C. odorata is a large upright, terrestrial plant (1.5-5 m tall) with stems that are not hollow and relatively broad leaves with slightly toothed (serrated) margins.

What is independent leaf?

Siam Weed (Chromolaena odorata) popularly known as Awolowo Leaves also called Independence leaf is a flowering shrub with amazing healing powers and health benefits which are mostly unknown to mankind due to lack of information about this amazing plant and they belong to the sunflower family.

Is Chromolaena odorata poisonous to humans?

Chromolaena odorata, a commonly used traditional remedy for different ailments, believed to be quite safe in terms of toxicity was evaluated for acute toxicity and cytotoxic potentials.

What is the benefit of akintola leaf?

In traditional medicine, a decoction of the leaf is used as a cough remedy and as an ingredient with lemon grass and guava leaves for the treatment of malaria. Its leaf water extract is widely used as a diarrhoea, malaria and diabetes drug.

What is Awolowo leaf?

Awolowo leaf is very useful for those who want to heal cyst infection and prevent complications. 💥Prevention of diabetes and lowering of blood sugar. 💥Awolowo leaf and fertility: Awolowo leaf promotes fertility and boost sexual libido. Awolowo leaf also boost ovulation.

What makes a Chromolaena odorata invasive?

Chromolaena odorata forms dense stands preventing establishment of other species, both due to competition and allelopathic effects. When dry, C. odorata becomes a fuel which may promote wild bushfires (PIER 2003).

How does Chromolaena odorata affect crop production?

Siam weed (Chromolaena odorata (L.) Results revealed that all crops were significantly reduced in their growth by the allelopathic effects of the weed, average percent inhibition (API) ranged from 13.36 to 24.72%. Groundnut and rice were the mostly affected crops with 24.7% inhibition.

What is Awolowo Leaf?

What is the English name for Acheampong leaves?

Acheampong (Siam weed) Bingo, bleeding will stop.

How do you use Chromolaena odorata?

Extracts from the leaves of Chromolaena odorata have been shown to be beneficial for treatment of wounds. In traditional usage, the leaf is ground into a paste and is applied topically on affected places to heal wounds 11.

What is the English name for Acheampong leaf?

Acheampong (Siam weed) The leaves can also be used to heal the wound.

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