How do you use Minwax wood filler with hardener?

How do you use Minwax wood filler with hardener?

Mix thoroughly for approximately 30 seconds or until you no longer see the white color of wood hardener. Mix only as much as can be used in 15 minutes. Apply the mixture immediately to the area to be repaired, using a plastic putty knife. Spread on a thin layer followed by a sufficient amount to fill the gap.

How do you use wood hardener on rotted wood?


  1. Give the tin a thorough shake.
  2. Pour some of the hardener out into the plastic lid.
  3. Apply it with a paint brush. Make sure you get enough on so that it completely soaks into the rotten wood.
  4. Leave it to dry for two hours.
  5. Scrub with a wire brush to get rid of any excess hardener.

Can wood hardener be applied to wet wood?

The short answer is no, wood hardener cannot be applied to wet wood. You need to make sure that your wood is dry throughout before applying any wood hardener. If you apply a wood hardener to wood that is still wet inside, it will simply continue to rot from the inside out.

Do you have to paint over wood hardener?

The hardener absorbs into the rotted wood to provide a firm base for the paint. If rotten wood is painted without this preparation, the wood will continue to rot and the paint will peel off. Painting over rotten wood should only be done if the rot is minimal.

How long does it take Minwax wood hardener to dry?

2-4 hours
Product Details

Application Tool: disposable bristle brush
Dry Time: 2-4 hours, then fill with Minwax® High Performance Wood Filler
Cleanup: acetone, following manufacturer’s safety instructions
Recommended Uses: windowsills, doors, woodwork, floors, decks, furniture, woodwork

Does Minwax wood filler Harden?

It comes in ten colors to match Minwax® Wood Finish™ stains and does not harden. Minwax® Stainable Wood Filler is designed to fill nail holes, cracks, gouges and other defects in unfinished wood.

Does wood hardener make wood stronger?

Technique 4: Hardening Wood with Wood Hardener. The easiest and most effective way to strengthen wood is to use a wood hardener. However, wood hardeners mostly work in pieces of wood that are too old. If they’re rotten or too soft already, then a wood hardener won’t work well.

How long does it take wood hardener to dry?

Let the wood hardener dry for two to four hours. Sand, paint or stain the surface, if you wish, to finish the project.

Can you paint directly over Minwax wood hardener?

Ensure the hardener has completely dried, then use wood primer on all the bare and hardener-treated timber. Most top coats (eg, gloss) are self undercoating and can then be applied directly onto the primer.

Can I put polyurethane over wood hardener?

Mix the polyurethane and hardener according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Thin out the first coat of the mix anywhere from 5 to 25 percent with paint lacquer. This will help minimize bubbling on the surface and will help to better seal the wood.

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