How does a CiCi phone card work?

How does a CiCi phone card work?

Unlike most other prepaid calling cards, CiCi does not charge any additional fees to its customers. Posted minutes are the actual minutes received by the customer for any number of calls. Toll free access number could be used from anywhere in Canada without extra charge. The only extra charge is for use from pay phone.

How much does a calling card cost?

You buy phone cards to make long-distance calls. These phone cards might be called prepaid phone cards or international calling cards. The cards usually cost between $1 and $20. You pay for a certain number of minutes.

How do you use a good phone card?

Good Call is the most efficient when $2.50 calling card is used for 1 or 2 calls, and $5 card is used for up to 4 calls. Good Call is also good for any number of short calls (under 3 minutes, this may help to check if other party is available for long telephone call).

How do you use a long distance calling card?

Dial the toll-free number listed on the card. Then enter the PIN number (usually you have to scratch part of the card to reveal this number). A voice prompt will tell you how much time you have for the call. You may get a warning when your time is almost used up.

Can you buy a calling card online?

Virtual calling cards can be purchased and activated online or at a local store and allow you to make international long-distance calls from your contact lists, add balance to your account, and leverage local minutes for calls overseas without the difficulty of PINs or physical cards.

What is recharge card called in USA?

rechargeable calling card
A rechargeable calling card or a recharge card is a type of telephone card that the user can “recharge” or “top up” by adding money when the balance gets below a nominated amount.

Do calling cards expire?

Cards expire without the purchaser’s knowledge. Per-call fees deducted from the call time.

Can I use a long distance calling card with a cell phone?

This is our most popular question: Will a long distance calling card work with my cell phone? YES! Not only will any calling card work from your cell, carriers cannot bill you extra for using them.

Why do thieves leave calling cards?

In criminology, a calling card is a particular object sometimes left behind by a criminal at a scene of a crime, often as a way of taunting police or claiming responsibility. The name is derived from the cards that people used to leave when they went to visit someone’s house and the resident was absent.

Are calling cards still used?

Today, you can find many calling cards in the market. You can use them for making both domestic and international calls. So, phone cards or calling cards are a prepaid method of placing long-distance (domestic or international) calls. There are actually calling card companies that require recharging fees.

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