How does Walter Lee changed throughout the play?

How does Walter Lee changed throughout the play?

Walter Lee Younger experiences the most significant change throughout the course of the play. Walter believes that he will be able to buy happiness and thinks money will solve all of his problems. After Lena refuses to invest in Walter’s dream of owning a liquor business, Walter becomes extremely upset and loses hope.

What are three examples that show Walter has changed?

What are three examples that show Walter has changed in the past week? He isn’t mad with Ruth; he dances with her; he seems a little more pleasant with Beneatha.

How did Walter Lee lose the money?

Hover for more information. Walter is a dreamer, and he wants to use the money to fulfill of his dream of opening a liquor store. Indeed, he does end up losing the money when the liquor store plan winds up being a scam. Willy Harris, one of his supposed business partners, takes it.

How do Mama and Walter each want to spend the insurance money?

Younger’s life insurance policy. Each of the adult members of the family has an idea as to what he or she would like to do with this money. Mama’s son, Walter Lee, would rather use the money to invest in a liquor store with his friends. He believes that the investment will solve the family’s financial problems forever.

Why did Walter call Mr Lindner?

Why does Walter call Mr. Lindner? Walter calls him because he lost the insurance money and he wants to take Mr. Lindner’s offer.

Why was Ruth upset when Walter gave Travis the money?

Ruth was upset when Walter gave Travis the money because they didn’t have money to spare. Also, Walter didn’t get back her up; he undermined her authority as a parent. Who are Willy and Bobo? Willy and Bobo are two friends of Walter who want him to go in partners with them in a liquor store.

Who delivers the check to Mama?

Soon after Asagai leaves, the mail carrier delivers the insurance check. How much is the check worth? Why does Mama’s expression become sober and then unhappy when she holds the check? The check is worth $10,000.

What does Walter do when he finds out Ruth is pregnant?

Walter cannot accept Mama’s views, which he finds naive. Mama finally tells Walter that Ruth is pregnant and considering an abortion. Walter is shocked but insists that Ruth would never think of doing such a thing. Mama disagrees, saying, “When the world gets ugly enough – a woman will do anything for her family.

Why does Walter call Mr Lindner over to their house?

Why does Walter call Mr. Lindner? Walter tells Lindner that they are a proud family and they will be moving into their house in Clybourne Park. He says they will be good neighbors and do not want any trouble.

Why does Walter feel useless?

Walter feels useless as a man because he doesn’t make enough money to provide for his family. By the end of the play, he is able to gain back his family’s respect by refusing to throw away their dream of owning a home.

Why does Ruth want an abortion?

Ruth was at the doctors because she fainted. She found out she has been pregnant for two months. She is considering an abortion because the family cannot provide for another child and her relationship with Walter has been rocky.

What does Walter lie about when talking to George?

George came to take Beneatha to the theater. What lie does Walter tell George? Walter tells George that he has owned a business before, so he wants to speak to his father about business plans. Beneatha says that assimilationists are Uncle Toms.

What’s wrong with Ruth in a raisin in the sun?

Ruth Younger is a character from Lorraine Hansberry’s stage play A Raisin in the Sun. Both Ruth and her husband Walter are frustrated with their lives, and their marriage is in trouble. When Ruth gets pregnant, she considers having an abortion because the family cannot afford another child.

Does Ruth have the baby?

Though Ruth hates the idea of aborting her child, she feels it’s the best decision for her financially-strapped family. In the end, though, Ruth chooses to keep her child. She finds hope in the fact that the Younger family will soon be moving out of their cramped, roach-infested apartment and into a new house.

Why did Mama give Walter the money?

She believed the realization of her dream could eventually open the door for other family member’s dreams. When she realizes she was doing to Walter what the rest of the world was doing, not giving him a chance to be a man, she corrected her actions by giving Walter part of the money to open a personal bank account.

Why is Walter in danger of losing his job?

Walter Lee is stressed by the socioeconomic position in which his family is situated, and he feels somewhat powerless to help them better their situation. Walter Lee often leaves the house to go to the local bar the Green Room, and he is out drinking when his boss calls to ask why he has not shown up for work.

What lesson does Walter learn in a raisin in the sun?

Walter comes around. He learns that dignity is not the product of finances or profession, but is instead a product of self-respect. This is the essential challenge that both he and Beneatha face – to achieve a sense of dignity and self-worth.

What does Walter do with the money?

Walter plans to use the money to invest in a liquor store with his “buddy,” Willy Harris. He sees this investment as an opportunity to be his own boss and to finally provide for his family the way he feels he should. Everybody tries to warn Walter against investing in the liquor store.

How does Walter react when Mama refuses to give him the money?

He becomes angry when Mama refuses to even consider his plan to invest the money in the liquor store. He is also frustrated because he sees an opportunity, knows that he can make it work, but is unable to grab his dream because he lacks the money to invest in his future.

What does Walter say about George’s father?

Walter reveals that George’s father is a highly successful investor. He thinks big and is not afraid to act on his ideas. George’s dad is rumored to be buying a big hotel in a shrewd business move. Walter considers himself a businessman like George’s father.

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