How far is the range of a pager?

How far is the range of a pager?

While the pagers are capable of being reached up to two miles from their base, most restaurants buy systems with a much smaller range — usually around 1,000 feet — in the hope that customers will remain nearby and perhaps spend money at the bar while they wait.

How far does a Jtech pager reach?

2 miles
Our paging systems operate in the UHF frequency band, 450 – 470 MHz. In other words, our on-site pagers and pager transmitters use 2 watts of power and can go as far as 2 miles, line of sight. All of our pagers come equipped with an out-of-range alert when guests stray too far from your establishment.

What are pager systems?

A paging system allows for one-way communication to a large audience. The paging employee speaks a message into a telephone and that message is then broadcast through a network of speakers. Messages can also be recorded and broadcast at a later time.

Do pagers work long distance?

Paging networks also outperform cellular networks when it comes to broadcast power. A single paging transmitter site typically covers 176 square miles, while a typical cell site covers only 10 to 15 square miles. Pager systems typically provide better coverage in rugged and remote terrain than cellular networks.

How does a GuestCall coaster work?

With our GuestCall® Coaster Pager, your staff can instantly notify guests with a flash, beep or vibration when their table is ready. Easily stay in contact, speed up table turns and increase revenue as guests enjoy the freedom to visit the bar or nearby areas while they wait.

Who owns long range?

Teakwood Capital
Long Range Systems was acquired by Teakwood Capital on Mar 1, 2012 .

What is long range system used for?

Long Range Systems (LRS) is a leading global provider of on-site paging, guest management, business intelligence and market research tools. LRS hardware and software solutions are used in a variety of settings including the hospitality, medical, retail and automotive industries.

What are the types of pager?

Generally, there are two types of pager systems — manual and automatic. Both can use any one of the three most common methods of delivering the information: alert-only, numeric, or alphanumeric messaging.

Does pager still work?

Interestingly, pagers are still in use in some countries even now — in the hospitals or emergency services, where it is important to have a portable and lightweight device with long battery life.

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