How fast does a KX80 go?

How fast does a KX80 go?

The KX80: Kawasaki’s Super Minibike It has considerable ground clearance, incredible power, and a 75-mph (121 km/h) top-speed rating that bests even 125-cc bikes.

How many gears does a KX80 have?

1997 KAWASAKI KX80 Service Data (Detail)

Clutch Type Wet Type Multi Plate
Number of Gears 6
Gear Ratio 2.538 / 1.875 / 1.500 / 1.250 / 1.090 / 0.956
Primary Speed Reduction Ratio 3.400
Secondary Speed Reduction Ratio 3.769

How fast does a KX85?

It depends on way too many factors to be answered here, as you can probably see from all of the replies. Gearing, tires size, tire wear, surface you are running on, condition of the engine, everything effects top speed. Your bike might do 50 mph, it might do 70 mph.

What is the seat height on a kx80?

29.9 in
Overall height: 37.6 in. Seat height: 29.9 in.

How tall is a kx80 big wheel?

It measured 71.6 inches long, 28.9 inches wide and 41.5 inches high. Its wheelbase measured 49.4 inches. The KX 80 had a relatively high road clearance of 13.4 inches, allowing for more maneuverability on uneven riding surfaces.

How much horsepower does a Kawasaki KX85 have?

Water cooled, 84cc, Single, 2-stroke, Reed valve

Power: 24.75 HP (18.2 kW) @ 12000 rpm
Torque: 15.4 Nm (11.36 lb-ft) @ 10500 rpm
Final drive: Chain
Curb weight: 156.5 lbs
Category: Offroad

What year did KX65 come out?

KX65. The 2006 Kawasaki KX65 is a mini-enduro bike created for children. Its small size is perfect for the little riders and offers great handling and confidence, while the diminutive engine packs enough punch for racing.

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