How fast does a YZF 600 go?

How fast does a YZF 600 go?

Your results may vary depending on your size/weight and the weather conditions, as a headwind can really kill a 600s performance….KTM RC 390 Top Speed and Acceleration.

2017 Yamaha YZF-R6 Acceleration
Speed Time
60-130 mph 6.86
SS/QM 10.89/133 mph
SS/KM 19.92/154 mph

How much horsepower does a Yamaha 600 have?

2020 Yamaha YZF-R6 Specifications

Engine 599cc liquid-cooled DOHC inline 4-cylinder; 16 titanium valves
Power 117 hp
Bore x Stroke 67.0mm x 42.5mm
Compression Ratio 13.1:1

How much is a Yamaha 600r?

Motorcycle Insurance:

BASE MSRP(US) $7,099.00
Dealers Yamaha Dealers
Warranty 12

How heavy is a Yamaha Thundercat?

Frame type Aluminium Deltabox type
Fuel capacity 599 litres
Seat height 805mm
Bike weight 187kg

How many miles per gallon does a Yamaha R6 get?

On the higher-revving R6, its benefits are even more pronounced. Slipper-type back torque-limiting clutch greatly facilitates braking/downshifting from high speed. The YZF-R6 achieves fuel economy up to an estimated 40 mpg** with a fuel tank that holds 4.6 gallons of gas.

What is the price of Yamaha R6 in India?

Yamaha YZF-R6 Highlights

Model Name Yamaha YZF-R6
Pricing Rs 14,00,000/-
Displacement 599 cc
Power 118.4 PS
Mileage 15 km/l

What does a Yamaha 600 weigh?

Yamaha YZF 600 R Thundercat Dimensions, Aerodynamics and weight
Dry Weight 187.0 kg (412.3 pounds)
Front Percentage of Weight
Rear Percentage of Weight
Weight-Power Output Ratio : 0.5348 HP/kg

How much CC is Yamaha R6?

The R6 is powered by a compact and lightweight 599cc DOHC liquid- cooled four-cylinder engine featuring the latest manufacturing technology. Sixteen titanium valves, a high 13.1:1 compression ratio and lightweight forged pistons allow for smooth, high-revving power.

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