How long does it take to finish an apex course?

How long does it take to finish an apex course?

How long does each course last? A semester lasts up to 18 weeks. During the summer term (May – July), the standard semester course duration is 9 weeks, but can be extended if needed.

Do colleges accept Apex classes?

Our students have a 100% college acceptance rate. Here is a selection of universities our students have attended after earning their high school diploma at ALVS.

What is a passing grade in Apex Learning?

GRADES / TESTS 60% is the minimum score on all assignments to move forward in APEX. 60% is the minimum OVERALL passing score to earn credit.

Can you cheat on APEx Learning?

In order to maintain academic integrity, Apex Learning Virtual School requires that all work be entirely the result of one’s own effort. Plagiarism, cheating, or other forms of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated and teachers will not accept work that is copied or plagiarized.

What is the cost of APEx Learning?

Apex Learning Virtual School offers students over 100+ individual online courses that are supported by highly qualified, certified teachers at a great price….Take rigorous online courses and get. one-to-one support from expert teachers.

Full-Time Course Pricing
Annual Tuition $6,875

How do apex exams work?

Students complete courses through an online learning platform, where they work at their own pace toward scheduled due dates. A teacher facilitates each course at a distance. Students watch educational video clips, practice skills, interact with the content, and check their understanding through diagnostic tools.

Can you retake semester exams on Apex?

o If you score less than 60% on a Unit test, you are allowed ONE retake. o If you fail a test, contact your teacher via Apex Message before leaving the test site. o Tests can only be reset by the course teacher. o You cannot retake a test until your teacher has confirmed that it has been reset.

What can Apex teachers see?

From the Summary view, you can see courses averages, access Course Activity Scores reports, apply course settings, and enter notes and final grades. Each course unit is represented as a Unit page in the Grade Book.

How to cheat on Apex Learning?

Choose a teacher.

  • Select a subject.
  • Click the Submit Homework button.
  • Choose an activity.
  • Paste a link or attach your file.
  • Use the Message body to share the file.
  • Click Send.
  • Complete and save your assignment.
  • What is Apex Learning curriculum?

    Apex Learning is a digital curriculum designed to help students meet high school graduation requirements in math, science, English, social studies, foreign language and selected electives.

    What is Apex Learning?

    Apex Learning. Apex Learning is the leading provider of digital curriculum for secondary education to the nation’s school districts. The company’s comprehensive, standards-based online courses help schools successfully engage all students in rigorous coursework and prepare them for high school graduation and beyond.

    What is an apex school?

    Apex Public School is an innovative educational institution to impart quality education in a stress free air. The school provides a pleasant and creative environment to make teaching and learning effective and enjoyable. Read more.

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