How Long Does Public Service Commission take to shortlist candidates?

How Long Does Public Service Commission take to shortlist candidates?

three months
The process depends on the urgency of filling up the position, but it normally takes a period of three months for shortlisting and for interviews to be carried out.

How many sub counties are in Nyamira?

5 sub counties
Administrative Units There are 5 sub counties, 14 divisions, 46 locations and 114 sub-locations.

Who is the county commissioner of Nyamira?

Amos Mariba
Nyamira County Commissioner (CC) Amos Mariba.

Is Kisii in Nyamira County?

Its capital and largest town is Kisii. The county has a population of 1,266,860 people. It borders Nyamira County to the North East, Narok County to the South and Homabay and Migori Counties to the West. The county covers an area of 1,317.5 km….

Kisii County
Capital Kisii
• Governor James Ongwae

Who are shortlisted candidates?

Definition: Shortlisting is the process of identifying the candidates from your applicant pool who best meet the required and desired criteria for the open req and who you want to move forward.

How do you know if you have been shortlisted for a job?

If you receive an email or a notification that you are shortlisted, congrats! It means the employer liked your profile and pre-selected you among other candidates. You are one step closer to getting the job. From this moment forward, it’s all in your hands.

How big is Nyamira County?

352.3 mi²
Nyamira County/Area

Which region is Nyamira County?

South Western region
Nyamira County is located in the South Western region of the country and borders Bomet County to the East, Narok to the South, Kisii to the West, Homa Bay to the North, and Kericho to the North East. It covers an area of 897.3Km2.

Who is nyamira governor?

John Obiero Nyagarama

His Excellency John Obiero Nyagarama
Nationality Kenyan
Political party Orange Democratic Movement
Spouse(s) Naomi Nyagarama
Residence Nyamira, Kenya

Which tribe is in Nyamira?

The Kisii are believed to have entered western Kenya from Uganda. They later moved from the foothills of Mount Elgon, settled for a while in the Kano Plains, then migrated to their present settlement in Kisii and Nyamira counties.

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