How long is a dual cab alloy tray?

How long is a dual cab alloy tray?

1.8m long
What size trays fit on different vehicles? Generally, Dual Cabs are 1.8m long, Extra Cabs are 2.1m long and Single Cabs are 2.6m long.

Which dual cab has the longest tray?

Volkswagen Amarok
Volkswagen Amarok First things first, the Amarok offers the biggest tray among its close competitors, which is a huge plus for anyone who regularly hauls large amounts of cargo.

Can you put a longer tray on a dual cab?

It is legal to have up to a 2.1 metre tray on a dual cab as in the relevent RTA guideline, but not very good for general use as it would put too much leverage behind the axle.

How long is the HiLux tray?

If it’s outright length you’re after in a tray, the HiLux came in first with a tray bed length of 1560mm.

How long is a Holden ute tray?

Tray size: 1800mm long, 1370mm wide, 1230mm wheel arch to wheel arch, 420mm high. 0 to 100kmh (measured): 6.9 seconds.

How wide can my ute tray be?

Anything wider than 2m will be a problem on bush tracks and at the max legal width of 2.5m nigh on impossible. The reason most manufacturers stick with the 1.8m wide is so that you can add external awnings, lights and bracket without making it too wide for bush work.

How many kilos can a Hilux carry?

Toyota Hilux With approximately 1,000 kg of total payload capacity, this aggressive truck from Toyota has a bed measuring 1,525mm long, 1,540mm wide, and 480mm high from deck to the tip of the bed wall.

How much weight can a ute tray carry?

A typical alloy tray weighs about 100Kg and hence can carry a load of about 900 Kg on a vehicle with a 1 ton capacity. In contrast you can only load about 700 Kg on the same vehicle fitted with a steel tray, as the steel tray weights about 250 to 300Kg.

How long is a Ford Ranger tray?

The XL Dual Cab will come with an 1800 mm tray.

How long is a Triton dual cab tray?

1800mm Long
Ute Tray Size 1800mm Long x 1850mm Wide. Universal Mounting system to suit all major brands of Dual Cab Utes.

How long is a Toyota HiLux dual cab ute?

The height, measured from the ground to the top of the car, ranges from 1690mm to 1815mm depending on the variant. The width ranges from 1800mm to 1935mm. The length ranges from 5265mm to 5350mm.

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