How many albums does Enigma have out?

How many albums does Enigma have out?

Studio albums

Title Album details Peak chart positions
A Posteriori Released: 22 September 2006 Label: Virgin (EMI) Formats: CD 16
Seven Lives Many Faces Released: 19 September 2008 Label: Virgin (EMI) Formats: CD 15
The Fall of a Rebel Angel Released: 11 November 2016 Label: Island (Universal) Formats: CD, vinyl 10

How many albums has enigma sold?

70 million
Enigma has sold over 8.5 million RIAA-certified albums in the US and an estimated 70 million worldwide with over 100 gold and platinum certifications.

Is Shinnobu an enigma?

Shinnobu is an enigmatic musical project that is derived style from Michael Cretu best known for being the creator of the Enigma musical project, the musical project contains a lot of imagination and a high degree of contained spirituality is his songs, as one could define the style of music New age.

Will there be a new Enigma album?

Legendary multiplatinum Award-winning German music project Enigma returns with its long-awaited eighth full-length album, The Fall Of A Rebel Angel, available in stores and at digital retailers….NEW ALBUM OUT.

1 Circle Eight 2:18
7 Sadeness (Part II) 4:08
8 Lost In Nothingness 3:20
9 Oxygen Red 4:02
10 Confession Of The Mind 3:47

Who sang American child Enigma?

The Child in Us/Artists

What was enigmas first album?

Enigma/First album

What language does Enigma sing in?

The lyrics are in Latin, which are how many of the chants were sung in church. The Gregorian chant on this song came from a recording of The Kapelle Antiqua Choir, which is based in Munich.

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