How many American Legion posts are there in PA?

How many American Legion posts are there in PA?

800 American Legion Posts
Our vision for a strong America consists of Four Pillars of Service: a strong National Security, taking care of veterans, mentoring youth and promoting patriotism. There are more than 800 American Legion Posts across the state of Pennsylvania.

What does the post number mean for American Legion?

The departments are responsible for establishing criteria for, and assigning, numbers to posts. If an original Post 1 became inactive, the number may have been assigned to a new post later. Posts can also petition to change their numbers.

How many posts does The American Legion have?

There are nearly 2 million members of The American Legion, making it the nation’s largest wartime veterans service organization. The American Legion has more than 12,000 posts in communities throughout the United States.

What American Legion Post has the most members?

American Legion Post 347
American Legion Post 347 in Lady Lake is now officially the largest American Legion Post in the world. That bragging right became official June 30 when the final membership numbers were tallied across the globe. The official membership at Post 347 now stands at 4,365.

What is my American Legion member number?

You’ll find the ID number on your membership card and it’s also the first 9 digits shown above your name on our magazine labels. (It always starts with a 1 or 2.) If you are unable to locate your membership card please call Customer Service: by calling (800) 433-3318 to obtain your member ID and a replacement card.

What is the first American Legion Post?

George Washington Post 1
As is confirmed by The National Library of the American Legion and its official supporting documents, the first post of the American Legion is George Washington Post 1 in Washington, D.C. Organized March 7, 1919, it obtained the first charter issued to any post of The American Legion on May 19, 1919.

Can a daughter of a veteran join The American Legion?

Are girls or women eligible to join the Sons? No. Only males are eligible to join the Sons. Women who are veterans and are eligible to join The American Legion are welcome and encouraged to do so.

Can any veteran join the VFW?

You must be a veteran who has honorably served overseas in an area of foreign conflict in order to join the VFW. However, if you are not eligible for VFW membership but are the parent, grandparent, spouse, sibling, child or grandchild of a qualifying veteran, you can apply for membership in the VFW Auxiliary.

Who Funds American Legion?

Contrary to popular belief, The American Legion receives no money or grants from the federal government. Our service programs are sustained by contributions such as yours.

What is the difference between the VFW and The American Legion?

VFW membership is limited to veterans who served in a war zone. American Legion is limited to veterans who served during war time, but without being in a war zone. VFW membership requires you to have been deployed in an overseas theater of operation in wartime or conflict.

What are the four pillars of The American Legion?

The American Legion was founded on four pillars: Americanism, Children and Youth, National Security, and Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation.

Where is American Legion located?

The American Legion is a U.S. war veterans organization headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is made up of State, U.S. territory, and overseas departments, and these are in turn made up of local posts.

How many American Legion members are there?

The American Legion has almost three million members in nearly 15,000 American Legion posts worldwide. These posts are organized into 55 departments, one each for the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, France, Mexico, and the Philippines.

What is American Legion?

The American Legion is an organization chartered by the U.S. Congress under Title 36 of the United States Code. It was established originally for veterans of World War I who returned from Europe in 1919. The initial goal of the organization was to fight for proper benefits of foreign wars.

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