How many episodes are in ghost whispers?

How many episodes are in ghost whispers?

Ghost Whisperer/Number of episodes

Who is Melinda’s ex boyfriend?

Melinda’s scheming ex-boyfriend Kyle (Michael Landes) pays her a visit from beyond the grave.

What happened in the very last episode of Ghost Whisperer?

Melinda goes to the gas station where the boy had told her his father was. But once there, she realizes that he is not Pete’s father. The scene cuts to Jim telling Melinda that Pete had died in the hospital, to which the Grandview Youth Home had sent him when he was 13, and that he is an orphan.

Is there a season 6 of Ghost Whisperer?

“After five wonderful seasons and over 100 episodes, we are disappointed to announce Ghost Whisperer will not be returning for a sixth season. We’ve had an incredible experience and owe a debt of gratitude to everyone involved.

How many episodes of Ghost Whisperer are there in season 5?


Can Melinda mom see ghosts?

Beth Gordon (portrayed by Anne Archer), Melinda’s mother and Aiden’s grandmother, has the ability to communicate with ghosts, but chooses not to. She never came to terms with her mother or Melinda when it came to their gifts and prefers not to speak of anything that has to do with ghosts, or her husband Tom Gordon.

What episode is Melinda pregnant?

Melinda learned she was pregnant in episode 4.20 “Stage Fright” with Jim’s baby. Melinda and Jim wed again in episode 4.23 “Book of Changes”.

Do Sam and Melinda marry?

Melinda and Jim, in Sam’s body, get remarried while she’s pregnant; although everyone else wanted this amazing wedding, they had a very simple one because they considered themselves already married from Jim’s previous body. The season ends with Melinda giving birth with an emergency c-section.

How many episodes are there in Ghost Whisperer Season 5?

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