How many Huntington Bank locations are there?

How many Huntington Bank locations are there?

Established in 1866, Huntington provides financial services to Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia with more than 11,000 colleagues, 700 branches (including 40 branches within Michigan Meijer stores) and 1,500 ATMs.

What bank is affiliated with Huntington Bank?

TCF National Bank
Founded in 1866 as The Huntington National Bank, today Huntington Bancshares Incorporated still operates from the same Columbus, Ohio founding location in the heart of the Midwest. As of June 9, 2021, TCF National Bank joined The Huntington National Bank.

What is Huntington bank routing number?

You can find your routing number on the bottom left of a voided check. When initiating a wire transfer to Huntington please use 044000024.

Is Huntington National bank a real bank?

Huntington is a regional bank holding company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, which offers retail, commercial and financial products and services.

Is Huntington National Bank a real bank?

Who owns TCF National bank?

Huntington Bancshares
TCF Financial Corporation
TCF Bank/Parent organizations

Is Huntington bank safe?

The bottom line: Huntington Bank is a good option if you live near a branch and prefer in-person banking. But if you’re looking for good interest rates and low minimum balances, you may want to consider an online bank….Overall bank rating.

Feature Insider rating (out of 5)
Savings 4
Checking 3
CD 3.25
Money market 3

Did Huntington Bank buy out TCF?

TCF Financial Corp., a Detroit-based company that historically operated TCF Bank branches throughout the country, is rebranding its branches after the consummation this year of its merger with Huntington Bancshares Inc., based in Columbus, Ohio.

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