How many Leica M4 were made?

How many Leica M4 were made?

60,691 Leica M4
According to official stats a total of 60,691 Leica M4 cameras were made, 47,522 in chrome, 6,775 in black chrome, 4,899 in black lacquer, and a mere 31 in olive lacquer for the military. There were 650 Made-in-Canada M4s, 1750 Jubilee (50 Jahre) cameras, and 50 black KE-7A units, considered M4 variants.

When did the Leica M4 come out?

November 1966
The M4, introduced in November 1966, resolved some of the less popular aspects of the M3, including slow, effort-intensive film-loading and rewind systems.

Does Leica M4 have a light meter?

There is very little to worry about with the Leica M4-P and that’s part of the joy of owning one. There is no light meter and as long as you give it a CLA once a year or so, you won’t have any sort of issues with it. Heck, that may even be too often. The camera is all metal and feels every bit of it.

Is Leica M4-P brass?

The M4-P came with either a zinc or brass top, and is easily distinguished from the small rangefinder window and the light gathering window at the front.

Does Leica M4 have a hot shoe?

Other improvements included a redesigned self-timer and frame-selection levers, and a hot shoe in place of an accessory shoe. Improvements to the M4 included an articulated plastic-tipped film advance lever and a quicker and easier film rewind knob.

What frame lines does the Leica M4 have?

The M4 started production in November 1966, as the direct successor of the M3 and M2, featuring framelines for 35 mm, 50 mm, 90 mm and 135 mm lenses in a 0.72 magnification viewfinder.

How do you use a Leica M4?

To load a Leica M4, you simply remove the bottom plate – which automatically resets the shot counter to zero – open the back, pull out a length of film long enough to sit within 3 prongs of the new take up mechanism, insert the film into the bottom of the camera, ensure its located properly, close the back, attach the …

Does Leica M4 2 have a light meter?

recently I found myself happy to purchase an M4-2 from my co worker in really great condition. There’s no lightmeter in it as you well know so I’m using sunny/16 – a Sekonic handheld lightmeter and an iPhone app ‘Lightmeter” to meter the light.

Is the Leica M4-P a 35mm camera?

Leica M4-P Intro The Leica M4 -P is a 35mm rangefinder camera like all other analogue Leica M film cameras. I bought a black chrome M4-P and it has a 0.72x viewfinder the same as my Leica M6. The Leica M4-P was in production from 1980 until around 1986 and was based on the earlier Leica M4 camera and followed the Leica M4-2.

Where to start with the Leica M4?

The most obvious place to start with the Leica M4 is to look at the specifics of how it was designed to be an advancement upon what came before. The most simplistic way to view at least a couple of it’s advancements is to simplify them to their core purpose.

What was the last Leica M camera with the Leica logo?

Until the introduction of the Leica MP in 2004, the M4 was also the last M camera with an engraved script Leica logo on the top plate.

Is the Leica M4-2 The Redheaded Stepchild of Leica?

Leica M4-2 Review – Leica’s Redheaded Stepchild – by Ryan HK February 15, 2019 Loved to be hated almost as much as the M5, the Leica M4-2 might still be considered the redheaded stepchild of Leica. It was a departure from the “perfect” design and operation of the M3 *cough, cough… stupid take up spool.

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