How many MPG does a 2008 Honda Fit get?

How many MPG does a 2008 Honda Fit get?

Up to 28 city / 34 highway
2008 Honda Fit/MPG

Does the Honda Fit have good gas mileage?

At its most fuel-efficient, the 2020 Honda Fit earns an EPA-estimated 33 mpg city and 40 mpg highway* with the LX trim and CVT transmission.

What year Honda Fit gets the best gas mileage?

Recall issues aside, the best value appears to be the second generation, 2009 through 2014. Given the improvements in size, handling, and fuel-economy, paired with the natural depreciation of used vehicles, the second-generation Honda Fit falls into the high value quadrant.

How many miles can a 2008 Honda Fit last?

With the proper levels of maintenance, the Honda Fit can last from 200 to 300,000 miles. This translates to a lifespan of 13 to 20 years on the average Honda Fit model.

How big is the gas tank on a 2008 Honda Fit?

10.8 gal
10.8 gal. 291.6/356.4 mi.

Is 2008 Honda Fit AWD?

The Honda Fit is available in two trim levels, the base Fit and the Sport, both are powered by a 109-hp 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine with front-wheel drive and a choice of a five-speed manual or five-speed automatic….Retail Price.

Engine 1.5L I-4
Drivetrain front-wheel

How far can a Honda Fit go on a tank of gas?

Compare Side-by-Side

2018 Honda Fit
EPA Fuel Economy Regular Gasoline
36 MPG 33 40 combined city/highway city highway
2.8 gal/100mi
382 miles Total Range

How can I get better gas mileage in my Honda Fit?

How to Get Better Gas Mileage in a Honda Fit

  1. Avoid hard acceleration. Do not unnecessarily mash the gas pedal.
  2. Don’t speed.
  3. Check your tire pressure once a month, under normal driving conditions.
  4. Make sure that your Honda is serviced at the requested times.
  5. Avoid carrying unnecessary weight.

What problems do Honda Fit have?

Top Honda Fit Problems

  • Ignition Coil Failure. Some Honda Fit vehicles tend to develop driveability issues as early as 50,000 miles due to ignition coil failure.
  • Uncomfortable Seats.
  • Starter Failure.
  • Cracked Front Door Armrest.
  • Clear Coat Wearing Off.
  • Engine Failure.
  • Power Steering Failure.

How many miles can Honda Fit last?

With proper maintenance, the Honda Fit can last up to 200,000 miles to 300,000 miles. This translates to a lifespan of about 13 to 20 years on the average Honda Fit model. Even with its diminutive size, the Honda Fit has the impressive reliability associated with Honda models.

What is high mileage for a Honda Fit?

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