How many number 1s did The Saturdays have?

How many number 1s did The Saturdays have?

1 on 14th attempt, plus more unbelievable music facts. It’s hard to think that five years since their chart debut, with four albums and 14 singles, The Saturdays have finally landed their first number one.

What was The Saturdays first single?

If This Is Love
In July 2008, the Saturdays released their debut single and first Top Ten hit, “If This Is Love”.

How many records did The Saturdays sell?

They’ve sold over 4 million records, scored 13 Top 10 singles (including last year’s #1 ‘What About Us’) and five Top 10 albums (‘Chasing Lights’, ‘Wordshaker’, ‘Headlines’, ‘Living For The Weekend’ and 2014’s ‘Finest Selection: The Greatest Hits’).

Did The Saturdays break America?

The Saturdays’ US TV show has been cancelled in America, as the girls just didn’t provide enough drama.

How much are the Humes worth?

What is Rochelle Humes’ net worth? Rochelle Humes has an estimated net worth of £5.4 million, while her husband Marvin Humes is estimated to be worth £4 million. Despite currently being renowned for her TV appearances and having over two million Instagram media followers, the Barking-born singer has pop star origins.

What girl band is Frankie?

The SaturdaysSince 2007
S Club 82001 – 2005
Frankie Bridge/Music groups

Who was in The Saturdays?

Frankie BridgeVocals
Rochelle HumesVocalsMollie KingVocalsUna HealyVanessa WhiteVocals
The Saturdays/Members

What age is Frankie from The Saturdays?

32 years (January 14, 1989)
Frankie Bridge/Age

What happened to Vanessa from The Saturdays?

Vanessa White Pre-The Saturdays, Vanessa was a musical theatre performer, but she doesn’t seem to have returned to the stage since the band split. Vanessa is now 31 years old, and is the youngest member of The Saturdays, earning her place in the band aged only 17.

Why did The Saturdays break up?

Una was married to rugby player Ben Foden before The Saturdays went on hiatus and they have two children together. In 2018 the two divorced after it was revealed Ben had cheated on Una. However Una soon moved on and dated an Irish sports player but they eventually broke up.

Who is the richest member of the Saturdays?

She has been married to footballer Wayne Bridge since 2014, and together, the couple have two sons. As of 2021, Bridge’s net worth stands at £11 million, the highest of all the members of The Saturdays. Bridge is a bestselling author….

Frankie Bridge
Labels Polydor Fascination

When did the Saturdays release their first single?

In July 2008, the Saturdays released their debut single, ” If This Is Love “, which resulted in the group achieving their first top ten hit. They released their debut album, Chasing Lights, in 2008 and charted at number nine on the UK Albums Chart.

How many records have the Saturdays sold in the UK?

The Saturdays embarked on their Greatest Hits Live! tour in September 2014. The Saturdays have sold over five million records in the UK and Ireland. 1.2 2009–2010: Wordshaker and Headlines!

What was the name of the Saturdays’ fourth album?

The Saturdays later announced the name of their fourth studio album, Living for the Weekend, released on 14 October 2013. The album was preceded by single ” Disco Love “, which reached No. 5 in the UK, while the album reached No. 10 on the UK albums chart.

When did the Saturdays release their fourth album Living for the weekend?

Their fourth album, ” Living for the Weekend “, was released in 2013. The album’s first single, ” 30 Days “, charted at number seven on the UK Singles Chart. The follow-up single, ” What About Us “, became the Saturdays’ first UK number one single, selling 114,000 copies in the first week of release.

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