How many seats PTI won in Pakistan?

How many seats PTI won in Pakistan?

As a result of the election, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) became the single largest party, though without an overall majority. PTI won 149 seats in the National Assembly.

Who won majority in 1997 elections in Pakistan?

The results saw the PML-N win a landslide victory, winning by the largest margin since the 1977 election. Bhutto’s PPP was routed, and came second nationally with only 18 seats, and for the first time failing to win any seats in Punjab. Khan’s Movement for Justice failed to win any seats.

Who won the election in 2018 in Pakistan?

2018 Pakistani general election

Leader Imran Khan Shehbaz Sharif
Party PTI PML(N)
Leader since 25 April 1996 13 March 2018
Leader’s seat Mianwali-I Lahore-X
Last election 35 seats, 16.92% 166 seats, 32.77%

Who won 1977 election in Pakistan?

Results. On 7 March 1977, the Election Commission announced the result in which Pakistan Peoples Party won the largest landslide victory in Pakistan’s electoral history, winning 155 out of 200 seats in the Parliament.

Who won 1997 election?

The final result of the election on 2 May 1997 revealed that Labour had won a landslide majority, making a net gain of 146 seats and winning 43.2% of the vote. 133 Members of Parliament lost their seats. The Conservatives, meanwhile, suffered defeat with a net loss of 178 seats, despite winning 30.7% of the vote.

Who became the new Prime Minister of Pakistan?

As a result, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif became the new Prime Minister of Pakistan. In Pakistan Election 2013, PML (N) won 166 seats which were four times higher than its old rival PPP which won 42 seats.

What are the political parties in Pakistan?

Prior to the elections, the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) formed an alliance with the Pakistan Muslim League (Q) and Awami National Party, while the main opposition party, the Pakistan Muslim League (N) (PML-N) allied with the Pakistan Muslim League (F) and Baloch parties.

What happened to TV in Pakistan?

Soon after the PM’s last address on 16 March 2013, TV carried live broadcasts from the streets of Lahore and Karachi, where the public mood was one of anger over corruption, the bad economy, and faulty public services.

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