How many SEZ are there in Cambodia?

How many SEZ are there in Cambodia?

Out of the total 46 SEZs recorded by Open Development Cambodia (ODC) dataset, 5 SEZs, which operate over a total land area of around 4,400 hectares, state their capital investments as being over US$ 100 million each.

What does SEZ sales mean?

A special economic zone (SEZ) is an area in which the business and trade laws are different from the rest of the country. The benefits a company gains by being in a special economic zone may mean that it can produce and trade goods at a lower price, aimed at being globally competitive.

How many SEZ are in Sihanoukville?

Expanding the Sihanoukville Port The Sihanoukville Autonomous Port, which is the country’s only deep seaport, is by far Cambodia’s largest port, with about 80 percent of all Cambodian exports passing through it.

Which country has given idea of SEZ?

Welcome to Special Economic Zone (SEZ). India was one of the first in Asia to recognize the effectiveness of the Export Processing Zone (EPZ) model in promoting exports, with Asia’s first EPZ set up in Kandla in 1965.

What are some examples of special economic zones?

The term “special economic zones” (SEZs) covers a broad range of zones, such as free-trade zones, export-processing zones, industrial parks, economic and technology-development zones, high-tech zones, science and technology parks, free ports, enterprise zones, and others.

Where is SSEZ?

The North West Suez Special Economic Zone (SSEZ) is located at the Red Sea, 45 km south of Suez. It is served by Sokhna harbour. It was the first SEZ set up under laws passed in 2002.

Are special economic zones good or bad?

The flow-down benefits for states hosting successful SEZs can be significant: a high-performing zone with strong foreign investment can create thousands of jobs while also building the capabilities of the local workforce as outside investors share expertise and know-how. However, these advantages also carry risks.

Is SEZ good or bad?

Export units in SEZs will get a 100% tax holiday for five years, 50% tax break five more years, and a further tax break for five years on production based on reinvested profits. SEZ developers will enjoy a tax holiday for 10 years. Ideally, India should have such good infrastructure that the whole country is an SEZ.

How many Special Economic Zones (SEZ) in Cambodia?

This dataset describes the information of special economic zone (SEZ) in Cambodia from 2006 to 2019. The total number of 39 SEZ is recorded.

What is Special Economic Zone (SEZ)?

Legal Frame for the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Scheme The examination of introducing the concept of economically promoted zone/area into Cambodia was originally started back in 1960’s, and the SEZ scheme has been finally introduced to Cambodia for the first time in December 2005.

What is the biggest SEZ in Cambodia?

The biggest SEZ is the Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone (SSEZ) set up in 2008. It covers 525 hectares in its first phase of development. SSEZ houses around 110 mostly Chinese businesses.

What is the role of zezone developer in Cambodia?

Zone Developer has a duty to cooperate with the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training (MLVT) to facilitate the training of Cambodian workers and employees and to promote new knowledge and skills for them with specific and effective programs (Article 12, The SEZ Sub-Decree).

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