How much does a 182 Cessna cost?

How much does a 182 Cessna cost?

Cessna 182 Group Price Report

Avg. Price $175,976
Low Price $54,900
Year Range 1956 – 2019
Avg. TTAF 3,681 hours
Avg. Engine Hours 841 hours

Is a Cessna 182 A good first plane?

The trusty 182 is an airplane a pilot can start and complete his career of flying in. Whenever new pilots ask me to suggest a first airplane to learn to travel in, the Cessna 182 Skylane is always at the top of my list. My recommendation of the Skylane is especially strong for a pilot new to IFR flying.

What’s the cruising speed of a Cessna 182?

167 mph
Cessna 182 Skylane/Cruise speed
The Turbo 182 has a top speed of 168 knots and cruises at 158 knots at 75% power and 20,000 feet and 145 knots (167 mph) at 75% power and 10,000 feet.

How much does a Cessna 182 cost new?

The new 182 will be available in next year’s second quarter at a base price of $515,000, replacing the avgas-burning Turbo 182, production of which will end once the NXT hits the market.

How much faster is a Cessna 182 than a 172?

Specification Cessna 172 Cessna 182
Cruise speed 124 KTS 145 KTS (167 mph, 269 km/h)
Never exceed speed 158 KTS 175 KTS (201 mph, 324 km/h)
Range 639 nm 930 nmi (1,070 mi, 1,720 km)
Service ceiling 13,500 ft 18,100 ft (5,500 m)

What’s better Piper or Cessna?

In general, Piper has produced low wing aircraft, whereas most Cessna aircraft are high wing. The different wing configurations mean that there is better visibility in a Cessna aircraft than in a Piper when cruising, whereas visibility in turns is better in a Piper.

How many gallons per hour does a Cessna 182 burn?

14 gallons per hour
The Cessna 182 burns about 14 gallons per hour with Avgas typically costing about $6 per gallon, hourly fuel costs for the Piper PA-28 run between $84 per hour.

Which is bigger Cessna 182 or Cessna 172?

The Cessna 182 is based on the 172 however the most attractive appeal is that it comes in a much larger size variant. The 182 comes in with a length of 29 ft (8.84 m) and a height of 9 ft 4 in (2.84 m). The wingspan is 36 ft (10.97 m) which is the same as the Cessna 172.

How far can a Cessna 182 go?

1,053 mi
Cessna 182 Skylane/Range

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