How much does a 1989 Ranger bass boat weigh?

How much does a 1989 Ranger bass boat weigh?


POWER BOATS Length Weight (lbs)
393V 19′ 1335
396V 19′ 1350
395V 20′ 2400
395VS 20′ 1400

Is Ranger a good bass boat?

Introducing the Z520R Bass Boat RangerĀ® boats are the highest quality, most innovative, safest boats with the best all-around performance. These attributes mean that your Ranger will be dependable and likely have the strongest resale value on the market.

How long is a Ranger 361V?

Model Year Introduced Length
361V 1989 17’10”
362V 1990 17’10”
363V unknown 17’10”
364V 1988 (guess) 17’10”

Is Ranger a good boat brand?

Ranger Boats is a premium brand of bass boat builder, making them mid-tier overall in terms of cost. They are known for the quality of their design and construction and the fit and finish of their boats. They are among the most durable manufacturers of bass boats.

How much does a 21 foot Ranger bass boat weigh?


Length 6.6 m 21′ 8”
Livewell Capacity 117.34 L 31 gal.
Total Person, Motor, Gear 771.11 kg 1700 lbs.
Approximate Boat Weight 884.51 kg 1950 lbs.
Rod Box Length – Port 2.44 m 8′

How much does a 20 foot Ranger bass boat weigh?

You can expect an average bass boat weight to be about 1,500 pounds (680 kg). Most bass boat trailers weigh about 800 pounds (363 kg)….10 Example Bass Boat Weights.

Bass Boat Model Average Dry Weight Average Package Weight
Ranger Boats 1880MS 2,290 pounds 4,500 pounds

Do Ranger Boats hold their value?

Resale. At Ranger Boats, we don’t compromise. We offer the best Quality boats with the highest level of total Performance through relentless Innovation incorporating the strictest Safety standards, all of which give you the greatest Resale value of any boat brand.

Can you sink a Ranger boat?

I’ve seen the rangers first hand with the cutaways in person and there is no-way these boats would roll or sink easily or without help. Just like any boat, if you have the right conditions anything can happen!

How much does a 1985 Ranger bass boat weigh?

10 Example Bass Boat Weights

Bass Boat Model Average Dry Weight Average Package Weight
NITRO Z17 1,450 pounds 2,650 pounds
NITRO Z18 1,700 pounds 3,200 pounds
Sea Ark Boats BC210 1,800 pounds N/A
Charger 210 Elite 1,900 pounds N/A

What company owns Ranger Boats?

Bass Pro Group
Ranger Boats and all of the brands under Fishing Holdings LLS were acquired by Bass Pro Group in a deal signed in December 2014. The deal included Bass Pro acquiring the Ranger, Triton Boats, and the Stratos Boats brands.

How much towing capacity do I need for a bass boat?

For pulling bass boats, it’s recommended to use a vehicle that can tow at least 2,000 pounds above the weight of the load.

How much does a 21 ft fiberglass bass boat weigh?

How much does a 21 ft boat weigh? Depending on the boat type, between 2,227 lbs. and 3,344 lbs., without a trailer. Answering this question accurately can be challenging because there are many building materials, boat types, and manufacturers.

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