How much does supercomputer cost?

How much does supercomputer cost?

Titan (supercomputer)

Titan in 2013
Active Became operational October 29, 2012; decommissioned August 2, 2019
Speed 17.59 petaFLOPS (LINPACK) 27 petaFLOPS theoretical peak
Cost US$97 million (equivalent to $109 million in 2020)
Ranking TOP500: 4th, June 2017

Do Pakistan have supercomputers?

The National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) in Islamabad has developed the fastest supercomputing facility in Pakistan till date. The supercomputer, which operates at the university’s Research Centre for Modeling and Simulation (RCMS), was inaugurated in September 2012.

What is the cheapest supercomputer?

Cray’s XC30-AC, which goes on sale Tuesday, is Cray’s cheapest supercomputer. It has the same software and processors as its big brother, the XC-30, which typically sells for $10 million to $30 million, depending on the configuration.

Who uses supercomputer?

Supercomputers were originally used in applications related to national security, including nuclear weapons design and cryptography. Today they are also routinely employed by the aerospace, petroleum, and automotive industries.

What is supercomputer size?

200 to 300 gigabytes
In contrast, a supercomputer has a capacity of 200 to 300 gigabytes or more. Another useful comparison between supercomputers and personal computers is in the number of processors in each machine. A processor is the circuitry responsible for handling the instructions that drive a computer.

Who has the fastest supercomputer?

Fugaku held the top spot on the TOP500 list by achieving a score of 442 petaflops, or quadrillions of floating point operations per second. In second place was IBM’s Summit supercomputer, which scored just 148 petaflops. The ranking, compiled by an international panel of experts, is released every June and November.

Does India have a supercomputer?

According to the fresh top 500 list of supercomputers across the globe, by, there are three supercomputers resides in India. The three computers are PARAM Siddhi-AI, Pratyush, and Mihir.

Can I build my own supercomputer?

So, although you could (theoretically) build your own supercomputer, the reality is that most companies never need that level of processing power. The cluster technologies underlying modern supercomputers is important however – they show the value and potential of using off-the-shelf servers.

How much storage does a NASA supercomputer have?

The system has 192 GB of memory per front-end and 7.6 petabytes (PB) of disk cache. Data stored on disk is regularly migrated to the tape archival storage systems at the facility to free up space for other user projects being run on the supercomputers.

How many GB does a supercomputer have?

Premium personal computers have a hard drive that is capable of storing on the order of 30 gigabytes of information. In contrast, a supercomputer has a capacity of 200 to 300 gigabytes or more.

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