How much HP can a SR20DET handle?

How much HP can a SR20DET handle?

When built properly, the SR20 can reliably support more than 700 hp at the wheels. For those seeking a reliable, cost-effective engine swap that is practically a drop in for the S13 and S14 240SX, look no further.

Does 240SX have SR20DET?

The SR20DET is part of the SR family of engines from Nissan. Nissan also produced a cheaper naturally aspirated version called the SR20DE. In the US and Canada, the Silvia and 180SX are both under the 240SX banner.

Are SR20DET reliable?

Anyways, SR20’s are just as reliable as the KA. I use to commute about 30 miles one way daily with my first SR. Six years later and in the hands of my nephew now it’s still running strong. He dd’s it at 14 psi.

Is the ka24det a good engine?

It may seem adequate power numbers for a naturally aspirated 2.4-liter engine, which handed it a ratio of slightly greater than 1hp per cubic inch, but it certainly wasn’t anything to yell from the rooftops about in stock form. The KA24DE is an excellent candidates for a stroker kit.

How much boost can a stock s13 handle?

A safe goal is around 350 rwhp on a stock block with a good tune.

How much boost can a stock sr20det hold?

Max boost varies from turbo to turbo on any engine. As in horsepower numbers on stock sr block at least is 520+ whp from phase2.

How much is a SR20DET swap?

The price really depends on what all you are looking to buy. Do you want a front clip or just the engine? I’ve seen them priced anywhere from around $1,000 for just an sr20 up to $6 or $7,000 for one with upgrades already installed.

Are Ka engines reliable?

Most KA24DE’s which eventually resided in the US were built in Aguascalientes, Mexico, with the exception of the 240SX, 1994-97 Altima (re-badged Bluebird SSS), and the FWD U13 Bluebird, which were all manufactured in Fukuoka, Japan. The KA is a testament to the reliable and durable Japanese engines of the 90s.

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